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Device42 Software Vulnerability Management

Rapid Vulnerability Identification and Remediation

Quickly be alerted to vulnerabilities with Device42. Get detailed alerts containing valuable impact and remediation information, describing problem locations and prioritized by CVE severity.

With Device42, your teams will never overlook another CVE, and no affected system will go un-remediated without your knowledge.

The Problem

There exist numerous products on the market that can detect vulnerabilities in your networks, but will also likely overwhelm you with a sea of information.

When a new CVE is published, and you have determined you run the affected software, the challenge further lies in correlating each affected software instance to its physical location, locating the machine owner, and determining downstream impact. How do you efficiently sort through, make sense of, and prioritize what can often be an overwhelming amount of information?

For example, suppose you are made aware that certain versions of certain software products have new vulnerabilities. How do you know what physical, virtual, and cloud machine instances are running the specific affected software products and specific versions? Even if you know what software is running on each machine, you still need to manually match up the software names and versions in the vulnerabilities list to the software names and versions in your list.

Then, once all the matching is done, how do you create a patching plan? You don’t want to take down a machine, patch it, and then discover that you have more vulnerabilities on that same machine. Or worse, you aren’t aware of user applications dependent on that machine, take it down, and get complaints.

Additionally, if you have a lot of machines to patch, how do you create a plan? Ideally, you will get a list of the machines ordered by the severity of the vulnerabilities. Or, you might want to get a list of machines by rack or by cloud provider. Then, you need to get the passwords for each machine, the access url’s, and on and on...

Wouldn't it be nice if you could just press a button and get all this information in one place?

The Solution

Device42's ITAM/CMDB solution maintains an up-to-date database of discovered software assets deployed across your enterprise. We get near real time vulnerability information, and cross reference this against all versions of your deployed software.

You are immediately alerted to serious vulnerabilities. You can also generate customized reports that have all the information you need to prioritize and remediate.

Instead of a sea of overwhelming information, you are provided with the concise, actionable data you need to get vulnerable systems patched.

The Benefits

Vulnerability Management
  • Stop wasting valuable time correlating generic security reports, finding required remediation data, and manually determining user impacts
  • Eliminate the tedious, manual work of trying to identify instances and locations of affected software, and triaging their respective support teams
  • Instead, spend time remediating!

Key Features

  • Scan your network for software installations across your infrastructure
  • Device42 automatically correlates affected devices with its CVEs.
  • Get automated alerts when CVEs are detected:
    • Get immediate alerts for high vulnerability CVEs with location, downstream impact and detailed information to plan the remediation
    • Receive reports at desired intervals for medium/low impact CVEs
      • Automatically emailed to key stakeholders
      • Allows less urgent remediations to be planned accordingly
  • Always have an accurate picture of the software risk across the enterprise
  • Spend less time sorting through data, and more time remediating issues!

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