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Cloud Migration

Device42’s automated and agent-less application mapping makes cloud migrations easier, ensuring you know all of your dependencies and have all your configurations squared away ahead of time, uncovering the hidden issues before they cause unnecessary downtime.

Device42 is here to help with your migrations whether you are:

  • Moving to the cloud
  • Migrating servers from one cloud provider to another
  • Consolidating existing infrastructure
  • Building everything anew, and migrating applications over
  • Providing cloud migration services
Data Center Migration

Lean on Device42 both during and after your migration. Quickly determine who needs to be notified and their contact information is at your fingertips. As the server migration process gets underway, turn again to Device42 for each server’s credentials, and generate a secure new set for the migrated server. When your migration is nearing completion, launch (or re-schedule) an auto-discovery, and allow Device42’s self-documenting CMDB to automatically map out everything you’ve changed, and then verify all your changes appear as they should.


Between 50-80% of outages are self-inflicted via “ill-planned” changes. With the help of Device42’s self-documenting CMDB, you can ensure your server migration project doesn’t become part of this statistic. Device42 makes it easy to formulate a migration strategy, validate approved changes, and expose unapproved changes alike, ensuring nothing slips under the radar.

Device42 helps you build a complete picture of your infrastructure

  • Agent-lessly discovering all of your application dependencies via automated Application Dependency Mapping
  • Analyzing thousands of servers without installing software and without needing to configure expensive span ports
  • Automatically generating dependency flow diagrams that show the relationship between devices, applications, and application components
  • Showing what services are listening on what ports, and all open ports on each machine
  • Augmenting the discovery process with netflow data, generating comprehensive application dependency maps even if certain servers can’t be accessed directly

Application Dependency Mapping

With our powerful agent-less auto-discovery methods, you can easily map services, listening ports on the services and remote connections for windows and linux machines.
Some of the benefits of this feature listed below:

  • Know what services are listening on what ports
  • Find out all the open ports on a machine
  • Visualize all the dependencies for a particular machine
  • Get a list view of the service and remote dependencies as well
  • No need to configure expensive span ports to get dependencies between servers
  • Easy migration path for your legacy systems

Powerful, Agent-less Device Discovery

Device42’s discovery tools enable SNMP discovery for network devices…and more. SNMP discovery provides comprehensive capabilities to identify and track physical and logical components, and their relationship inter-dependencies. The .Net based agent-less software discovers devices on the network, compiles detailed device information and automatically uploads the information to the Device42 appliance.

  • Windows servers & devices using WMI
  • Linux, UNIX, BSD, and Mac servers using SSH
  • Hyper-V hosts and VMs
  • Custom discovery scheduling
  • Run discoveries from remote locations

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