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Rack Management

Web based rack layouts with drag and drop support.


Hi, this is Marc from Device42. In this video we are going to take a look at managing racks.

Let’s start with the list of all racks – you see here the familiar list format consistent throughout Device42. One thing unique on the list for both Rooms and Racks is the option to Show Layout. We will return to this Rack Layout shortly}.

First, let’s take a look at the Rack View page. Here we have the Rack View page, let’s review this page in edit mode.

At the top of the page we see basic rack information: rack name, rack size in Us, and several options that affect the rack layout view such as: orientation of the numbering, starting number, and where to display the U labels.

Next we have row, room, manufacturer, and notes. In Device42, a green plus symbol signifies a user-defined element, for example: the green plus sign next to manufacturer opens the Add Vendor dialog page.

Moving on to the next section, we see all devices in this rack. Let’s add a device to this rack…next we need to input the Starting U Location, or simply use the Find next slot button. We will leave the orientation as-is, as this device is installed in the front of the rack.

Next we see the assets and PDU’s in this rack. This rack has one patch panel installed at the back of the rack. Then we have two power distribution units, also installed at the back of the rack, one on either side. Let’s go ahead and save the changes. Now let’s take a look at the Rack layout…

Here you can see both the front and the back of the rack. On the top right you will see the rack information, including available Us. We can edit the rack – returning to the rack details page, and add new device. We can also return to the Rack List. Next we see the power details and heat map options – both are available with add-on modules for power monitoring and power control. Finally, on the lower right we have Nameplate Options: no nameplate, asset tag, serial number, and device name.

Next, let’s take a look at moving devices within a rack using drag and drop. As I hover-over a device, this being the device we just added to the rack, you will see useful information as well as links to the device view page, and the device impact chart.

I am going to move this device, but first I need to park it outside the rack and make some room. Drag and drop moves can be done within a rack – including from back to front, front to back – as seen here. Moves can also be made between racks, which we will look at next.

To view multiple racks, return to the rack list and click on the racks you would like to view. In the actions drop-down select show front layout of selected racks and click go. Here we see the fronts of racks four, five, and six. To demonstrate moving devices between racks, I am going to move this router from rack five to rack six.

This concludes the managing racks video, thanks for watching!

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