IT Asset Management

Insightful Comprehension

Device42 provides comprehensive IT asset management capabilities including powerful asset auto-discovery and configurable asset types that accommodate any IT asset type within in your infrastructure.

  • Choose from pre-defined asset types, or create custom types to suit your needs
  • Asset views allow custom search, filter, and sort
  • Create custom asset profiles (e.g. asset profile by location, or by device type)
  • Bulk actions enable asset number assignments or QR code generation for any number of assets
IT Asset Management
QR Codes and Asset Tags

Device QR Codes and Asset Tags

Say goodbye to traditional barcode readers and use mobile devices for asset and inventory management. Print customized QR codes and auto-assign customizable asset numbers. Ensure that IT asset audits are both fast and accurate.

Asset Lifecycle Management

IT Asset Lifecycle Management

Track the lifecycle of your devices and non-IP based assets from their purchase, to all the way to their decommissioning.

Manage Non-IP Assets

Manage Non-IP Asset

Manage the complete lifecycle of all non-IP based assets. Because Device42 does not count non-IP devices, an unlimited number of non-IP devices can be supported.

Manage Purchases and Support Contracts

Manage Purchases and Support Contracts

Centrally manage all IT contract information for devices, hardware, and software assets within the enterprise infrastructure.

  • Track purchases and contracts for all asset types
  • Generate and schedule reports based on purchase data
  • Receive contract expiration reminders to ensure timely renewals
  • Easily create reports that support IT audits