Device42 —An Easier Alternative to Nlyte

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Thinking of making the switch to Device42 or one of the other Nlyte competitors?

We want to make your decision as easy as possible, so we’ve put together some info that will help you decide which option is best for you.

Below, you will find information to help you compare Device42 and Nlyte, including features, customer experiences, pricing and reviews from current Device42 customers who have made the switch.

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Device42 is much easier to use than Nlyte

Tired of having to struggle your way through clunky and complex Nlyte user guides, training classes, and lengthy implementation plans?

With Device42, you won’t have to. Setup is as simple as importing a virtual appliance. Auto-discovery will get nearly all your data into the system in an afternoon.

You’ll get awesome core features like powerful reporting, great visualizations, and integrations with monitoring, automation, and ticketing tools without having to navigate a maze of features you don’t need.

And if you ever want to enhance Device42 beyond the core DCIM, you can do that with custom fields, custom form layouts, and rich REST based API.



While many enterprise tools claim to have auto-discovery built-in, there are key differences:

Device42 is agentless — You don’t have to find every device and put an agent on it. Device42 finds them for you without agents.

Holistic approach — Device42 connects to your network devices, hypervisors (VMware, HyperV, Citrix, Xen, Openstack, Cloudstack, and more), Cloud platforms (Amazon, Azure, Joyent, Linode, Digital Ocean and more), blade systems, UCS, IPMI, DNS, Windows, Linux & Unix OS’s and correlates the interrelationships and dependencies automatically. For example, if Device42 finds a MAC address on a switch port from a network device, it correlates that with a Windows VM which is on a blade sitting in a particular slot in a chassis. And it finds what services are on that machine and calculates the dependencies on other machines/services on your network.

On the other hand enterprise data center infrastructure management tools like Nlyte rely on external tools to do the auto-discovery. That not only adds to cost of the solution, but also increases the time to implementation and makes the solution more vulnerable with external dependencies.


Device42 helps you manage your IT Infrastructure as a whole

With the advent of virtualization, containers, cloud computing, and software-defined networks, your IT infrastructure is orders of magnitude more complex than it was 10 years ago. It is no longer practical to manage your IT infrastructure using separate tools for asset management, IP management, cloud management, application dependency management, and software license management. The interrelationships are too important and too complex and can only be adequately captured in a single integrated tool like Device42. Too much time is wasted trying to manage all these interrelationships in different tools.

Device42 looks at your IT Infrastructure holistically and gives you a single console to manage your data center (DCIM), IP addresses(IPAM) and passwords in addition to ITAM (IT asset management) and has a built-in CMDB.



A true DCIM should not be an isolated application. You likely have monitoring tools, automation tools, ticketing tools, finance tools, and so on that can benefit from the information in your DCIM. Many enterprise DCIMs make these integrations time consuming and expensive. With Device42, you get a lot of integrations out of the box plus REST APIs that make it a breeze to integrate with other tools.

Device42 is more affordable

With Nlyte you have a big initial product cost and a large implementation cost as well. We also believe that the value you’ll get from Device42 far outweighs the cost.

And more than a thousand happy users in 33 countries agree. If our auto-disovery and collaboration features can save your team just ten hours per month, then Device42 will more than pay for itself.

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