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Some of our Customers

Data Center Management

Data center inventory and asset management. No more de-centralized Visio diagrams and Excel sheets.

Web based Automatic rack diagrams.

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IP Address Management

IP Address Management(IPAM) made easy. Eliminate multiple spread sheets. Support for IPv4 & IPv6.

Auto-discover using SNMP.

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IT Assets & QR Codes

Manage all IT assets and inventory with customizable QR codes and elliminate barcode readers. Use Android, Windows, or iOS devices for inventory management.

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Capacity Planning

In addition to rack U size, PDU outlets, switch port etc. for capacity planning, monitor power usage using SNMP.

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Application Topology Mapping

Anticipate and understand the implications of a rack outage or down server. Improve IT troubleshooting using clear network visualizations.

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Password Management

Enterprise password management and historical usage tracking for shared passwords with granular access control.

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Quick Feature Checklist

  • Web based console
  • Automatic rack diagrams
  • Available rack space
  • ½ U devices
  • Room layout with drag & drop
  • Custom rack sizes
  • Cable management
  • Physical/virtual/blade details
  • All details for devices
  • Record custom values
  • Cluster/HA details
  • Map application components
  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • VRF & overlapping subnets
  • Subnet percent used
  • Subnet tree
  • Import Excel sheets
  • Multiple administrators
  • Role based access
  • Switch connectivity
  • Password management
  • Application dependency
  • Easy & powerful search
  • Detailed impact charts

Industry Recognition

Why Device42?

No complicated client installs. No need to spend money on training. Get started in a jiffy by importing the ready-to-go virtual appliance.
Easy data population from language of your choice using REST APIs. Integrates with AD/LDAP with role based access.
Simple licensing based on # of devices. No vendor lock in. Easily export your data anytime.

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