Deep application dependency mappings now available as an add-on module with v10.0.0

We are super excited to release our deep application dependency add-on module with v10.0.0. More details and other changes in v10.0.0 below

Deep application dependency mappings


We are now going a few level deeper into your application stack to discover more details around application dependencies and application config. Here is a brief summary of what the new module provides:

  • Discover services to services mappings – We can now tell what service on a machine is connected to what service on other machines. With just the services module, this is limited to services-to-machine connections.
  • Automatically add application components based on groupings of services on a server. For example, once we discover different Oracle services running on a machine, those will be automatically grouped together as an Oracle application.
  • Grab the config data for major applications like Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Cold Fusion, IIS and apache etc. With this you will be able to see config details on the applications from within Device42.

Openldap support for uniquemember and members attributes


Openldap integration now supports schemas with uniquemember or members attribute. You can choose the group attribute from Tools > Settings > Active directory settings.

Option to add a default password group for passwords


From Tools > Settings > Global Settings, you can now optionally add default password group or groups to passwords. With this setting, every time a password is created or edited, those groups will always have permissions to those passwords.

API changes

  • Added licensed_count, not_licensed_count and total_count to operatingsystems GET API
  • Added /api/1.0/device_os/ as new API call. GET call has os and os_id as filters.
  • device_os POST call added as well. Accepts device_os_id or device_id (device), os, osver, osverno, license_key, count_in_licensing as parameters.
  • DELETE call for device_os by its ID
  • “serial_no” filter added to parts GET call.
  • parts POST call – edit a part by serial_no (partmodel_id and part_id no longer required to edit by serial). Caution: if multiple parts with same serial_no, will update the first found. Pass partmodel_id or part_id to identify uniquely.

Bug Fixes

  • Issues connecting to console on Xen/KVM server without GUI have been fixed.
  • Background job processor not starting the jobs in certain scenarios has been fixed.
  • Use user friendly model names for Arista products.

Automagically map your applications with Device42

Looking to map out your application dependencies automatically? You can download a trial copy of Device42 and reach out to us at support at for extended license key. Current users can download the latest update from: /update/

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