Auto Discovery

D42 Remote Collector

Device42’s remote collector is a self-contained virtual appliance that lets you run any auto-discovery job remotely across network segments. Just register the remote collector from within the main UI and you can execute any discovery jobs on the remote collectors.

Device42 Windows Discovery Service (WDS)

The Device42 Windows Discovery Service (WDS) is a lightweight service designed to allow Windows autodiscovery jobs to be created and managed from the main Device42 appliance. The WDS only needs to be installed on a single Windows machine in your environment and will need access to WMI on any of the target machines.

Windows based Auto Discovery Software (ADS)

Automatically discover devices and populate device details from your network into Device42. Simplify the documentation process by utilizing Auto Discovery. D42’s Auto Discovery Software can run in any network segment and discovers:

  • Windows devices [physical & virtual] and device details
  • Linux and Unix devices [physical & virtual] and device details
  • Hyper-V Servers - Host [hypervisor] and Guest [VM] details
  • Microsoft SCCM Import Plugin, allowing for direct SCCM-D42 API-to-API import of your SCCM data.

Any of the above can be run one time, or can be scheduled to run automatically at user defined intervals.

Current Version 14.7.0

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Linux-based Auto Discovery Software

Automatically discover and document your Linux devices. Linux based D42 Auto Discovery software is a portable executable that will discover Linux and UNIX devices on your network, and upload discovered device details to your Device42 appliance. This can be run one time, or can be scheduled using crontab to run at user defined intervals.

Current Version 6.5.2

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D42 Ping Sweep

Device42’s Ping Sweep software is a self-contained, portable utility that does a ping sweep on given network(s), and uploads the discovered IPs (possibly with MAC and device name) to your Device42 appliance. It runs on Windows or Linux hosts.

Usage: Just drop it in a folder, then copy or rename ping.cfg.sample to ping.cfg. Add your settings, and you are ready to go! For Linux, you have to run $ chmod +x against the executable. It has to be run as root (or an Administrator).

Please note: Ping Sweep only works with Device42 v11.0.0 and above.

Current Version 3.5.2

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D42 NetFlow Collector

Device42’s netflow collector software is a self-contained and portable utility that lets you point your network device to it, collect netflow data, analyze it and send to your Device42 instance for enhanced application dependency mapping. Available for Windows and Linux.

Current Version 2.0.0

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