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Device42 integrates with other applications used in managing IT Infrastructures such as ITSM and orchestration. These integrations can enhance the performance and usability of IT management systems. In addition to an extensive API library, Device42 provides connectors that make integrations easy.
Computer IT
ANSIBLE Integration

Integrate your Device42 CMDB with Atlassian’s Jira Cloud software data

ANSIBLE Integration

Fuel Ansible with the accurate infrastructure auto-discovered data


Easily import Chef Ohai node data into Device42

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Bring the power of Device42 auto-discovery to Cherwell for better ITSM

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Embed Device42 devices data directly into the Confluence articles

Access secrets and passwords stored in your CyberArk within Device42


Discover and sync node information from The Foreman to Device42

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Populate and maintain your Freshservice CMDB with Device42

HP Service Manager Logo

Enhance HP Service Manager with CI sync from Device42

Infoblox Logo

Enhance your IPAM with the Infoblox / Device42 integration

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Leverage passwords from Device42’s in your Jenkins-powered automation

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Enhance Jira for better ITSM with the Device42 CMDB

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View Device42’s SIEM audit data in the same context in Logstash

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Use passwords stored in Active Directory for Device42 discovery

Microsoft SSCM Logo

Pull existing CIs and Data from SCCM into Device42

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Reduce Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) with real-time alerts

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Reduce Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) with real-time alerts

Power BI Logo

Get unmatched IT intelligence with Device42 data and PowerBI analytics

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Quickly and Easily Sync Puppet Facts to Device42


Turn your Ops procedures into self-service jobs

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Quickly and easily sync Salt Node information to Device42

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Sync enhanced ITAM data with Samanage

Servicenow Logo

Power ServiceNow by syncing CI data from Device42

Servicenow Express Logo

Sync Device42 ITAM with ServiceNow Express

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Send Device42 logs to Splunk for better event correlation

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Correctly and reliably orchestrate automated workflow 

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Terraform and Device42 integration

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Supply your VM’s with available IP addresses in real-time

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Utilize continuously discovered information in your Device42 CMDB

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Begin including accurate Device42 CI in your Zendesk tickets for better ITSM

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