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Device42 integrates with other applications used in managing IT Infrastructures such as ITSM and orchestration. These integrations can enhance the performance and usability of IT management systems. In addition to an extensive API library, Device42 provides connectors that make integrations easy and effective.

  • Ansible

    With Device42 integration, Ansible has near real-time access to your infrastructure's inventory, making it an even more capable automation solution.

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  • BMC Atrium

    Populating BMC Atrium manually just isn't realistic. Let Device42 handle discovery for you.

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  • BMC Remedy

    If you are using BMC Remedy for your ITSM or even as a part of your ITIL framework- one of the biggest challenges is keeping the configuration item info up-to-date.

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  • Chef

    Easily visualize the details of your Chef-powered deployment and its dependencies with Device42. Automatically Import Chef Ohai Node Data Into Device42, and configure Device42 to automatically sync anytime Chef deploys!

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  • Cherwell

    Using the Device42 - Cherwell integration connector, Cherwell users can synchronize Device42's enhanced asset management and tracking capabilities to their Cherwell Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

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  • Confluence

    Integrate with Atlassian Confluence and embed Device42 devices directly into Confluence articles with three powerful custom macros: device links, device details, and device table macros. Put your actual devices into Confluence.

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  • CyberArk

    Using the Device42 - CyberArk integration connector, CyberArk users can leverage passwords / secrets stored securely in the CyberArk password vault for Device42 discovery jobs.

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  • Foreman

    The Foreman-sync integration can populate Device42 with CI details pulled directly from the Foreman, while the Smart-proxy plugin enables Device42 as a Foreman DHCP provider!

    Foreman Sync Integration Foreman Smart-Proxy
  • Freshservice

    Install the Device42 - Freshservice integration to synchronize Device42's comprehensive asset management and tracking capabilities to the Freshservice Configuration Management Database (CMDB), attach synced CIs to ITSM service tickets, natively visualize dependencies, and more.

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  • HPSM

    HP Service Manager Sync Script integration, HP Service Manager users can synchronize Device42's enhanced asset management, change management, and tracking capabilities to their HP Service Manager instance.

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  • Infoblox

    Enhance your IPAM with the InfoBlox / Device42 integration. Easily utilize this free script to gather information from an Infoblox installation and send it to your Device42 appliance via the REST APIs.

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  • Jenkins

    With the Device42 - Jenkins credentials integration, users can leverage their passwords and/or other secrets stored securely in Device42 by inserting variables into their Jenkins-based automation, e.g. continuous integration, development & build processes, custom scripts, and more.

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  • Jira

    Connect your Device42 assets directly to your Jira tickets, syncing data between the Device42 CMDB and Jira Software and/or Jira Service Desk.

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  • Logstash

    Offload your Device42 logs to Logstash and benefit from better event correlation by having all your logs in the same, searchable place! Correlating events around your infrastructure has never been easier!

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  • Microsoft LAPS

    If you're using Microsoft LAPS (Local Admin Password Solution) with Active Directory to generate and store credentials for your member servers, you'll love this integration. Link MS LAPS to Device42 and leverage those credentials for discovery!

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  • Microsoft SCCM

    Already have Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) set up and populated with an inventory of all or a majority of your systems? Avoid duplicate auto-discovery, and take advantage of the D42-SCCM Integration to pull existing data and CIs directly into Device42.

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  • PowerBI

    With the Device42 - PowerBI integration, users can connect to Device42's comprehensive CMDB via ODBC and can create reports, dashboards, and extract business intelligence directly from their IT asset database.

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  • Puppet

    Quickly and Easily Sync Puppet Facts to Device42, and/or Leverage Device42 as a Puppet ENC and Assign Puppet Classes Directly from Device42!

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  • Rundeck

    This integration allows for Rundeck automation to be orchestrated using up-to-date Device42 CMDB information.

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  • SaltStack

    With the Device42 Salt Integration, you can now gather information about your devices from the same tool you use to provision them. Also, utilize Salt Pillars for two-way configuration and sync!

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  • Samanage

    Leverage Device42's enhanced asset management and tracking capabilities and effortlessly sync data from Device42 to Samanage!

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  • ServiceNow

    Using the Device42 - ServiceNow integration connector, ServiceNow users can synchronize Device42's enhanced asset management and tracking capabilities to their ServiceNow configuration items (CI) data maintained inside ServiceNow's Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

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  • ServiceNow Express

    Using the Device42 - ServiceNow Express Sync Script integration, ServiceNow Express users can synchronize Device42's enhanced asset management and tracking capabilities to their ServiceNow Express instance.

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  • Splunk

    Offload your Device42 logs to and enjoy better event correlation by consolidating all your logs in the same searchable place. Correlating events around your infrastructure has never been more insightful!

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  • StackStorm

    StackStorm is a powerful if-this-then-that type tool that helps you automate your workflows and changes to your infrastructure based on predefined 'trigger' criteria taking place anywhere across your environment.

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  • VMWare vRealize

    With the Device42 VMWare vRealize IPAM Template, VM's are automatically supplied with available IP addresses as your vRealize workflow deploys them.

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  • VulnDB

    Add Software Vulnerability Management to Device42 with this optional add-on. Stamp out software vulnerabilities with Risk Based Security's VulnDB integration. Learn more below, or talk to Device42 Sales today!

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  • Zapier

    Zapier is a powerful workflow automation with a simple if-this-then-that user interface. It makes workflow automation easier by enabling changes to be made to your infrastructure based on predefined 'triggers' that can occur anywhere across your environment.

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  • Zendesk

    Easily add this free module to your Zendesk installation via the Zendesk Marketplace, and begin including accurate Device42 CI in your Zendesk tickets today!

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