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See Your IT Dependencies Across
Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments

Discover a new level of insights into the intricate connections of business applications, network, and services that make up your business services across on-premises, cloud, and multi-cloud environments with Device42 Dependency Mapping. Now, you can visualize precisely how different facets of your infrastructure rely on each other to deliver the services and functionality that keep your business operations running smoothly.

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A Snapshot of Your
Business Applications Architecture

Device42 Business Applications create a clear and comprehensive visual representation of how different devices or resources work together to form critical business applications within an organization. When these elements are well-arranged, they serve as your precise documentation of a Business Application, offering a real-time, accurate representation that can be shared with your organization for operational management, troubleshooting, and change management.

Business Application Features:

  • Create Business Applications manually or from an Affinity Group
  • Add or remove devices and resources and define connectivity between them
  • Customize the layout by arranging the elements, adding shape and colors
  • Add important metadata to the Business Application such as application type, technical and business owners, disaster recovery and service level agreements, and more
  • Business application elements are actual device and resources in Device42 you can leverage discovered data to update and query data for a more complete picture of your Business Application
  • Print or export your Business Application charts

Automated Visualization on Application Components

Device42 Affinity Groups automatically paint a broader picture of your applications by intelligently grouping assets and resources based on observed communication patterns to provide a more comprehensive and holistic understanding of the dependencies and relationships within your environment.

Device42’s powerful AppFocus filters help you take control of your Affinity Groups, allowing you to precisely tailor the contents with a comprehensive range of criteria to your specific needs.

Affinity Group Features:

  • Automatically generates a picture of your applications dependencies based on observed communication patterns
  • Chose the core service(s) for your application, such as a database, and let Device42 do the work to identify the devices or resources that make up your application
  • View charts for a visual view of the Affinity Group
  • See changes in the Affinity Group over time using the timeline feature that allows you to go back in time to visually see how things have changed
  • Add Affinity Groups to a Business Application for further definition and control for which are critical parts of a business application and how the business application is presented
  • Enhance Business Application Definition and Control with Affinity Groups to clearly identify critical Components and optimize Presentation

Automated Insight into Service Communications and Interconnections

With Device42’s Automated Service Impact Discovery, you can analyze inter-service communication across various locations, including on-premises, in the cloud, and the seamless connection between the two. This comprehensive analysis covers services, ports, and connections on Windows, Linux, and BSD machines, providing you with a holistic understanding of your network ecosystem.

Impact Charts

Device42 auto-generated diagrams vividly illustrate the intricate relationships and interactions among your services. With Impact Charts, you gain a clear, intuitive view of service connections and potential ripple effects, empowering you to proactively address issues in complex environments and prevent problems before they arise.

Impact Lists

Impact Lists shed light on the services influenced by the initiating device and those it impacts. They reveal how changes or disruptions to a single application can ripple across your IT environment. Impact Lists provide crucial insights into the organizational groups that rely on these applications.

Automated Service Impact Discovery Features:

    • Understand which services are active and listening on specific ports
    • Gain insight into the potential business consequences prior to migrating applications
    • See a complete visualization of dependencies for a specific machine
    • Obtain a list perspective of services along with its remote dependencies
    • No need to configure expensive span ports to get dependencies between servers
    • Approach asset retirement or consolidation with confidence, understanding the implications to avoid unnecessary costs or service disruptions

Experience the Full Power of Device42 Automated Discovery and Dependency Mapping for IT Service Management

Elevate Your ITSM Workflows

Powered by Device42’s comprehensive discovery, Business Application Dependency Mapping elevates your IT service management (ITSM) workflows, uncovering intricate relationships across applications, services, networks, storage resource devices, and databases. By visualizing dependencies and relationships, ITSM teams can streamline incident response and minimize downtime by quickly identifying the cause of issues and understanding their impact on the overall IT infrastructure and business.

Dependency Mapping

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