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Application Dependency Mapping

Automated Service Impact Discovery, Dependency flow diagrams, Application Impact lists, Easy Impact Visualizations, and more!

Device42 provides data center managers with an automatically generated, centralized repository of application, service and device relationships and dependencies whether running on premises on physical machines, on virtual machines, or in the cloud.

You can confidently retire or consolidate assets only if you understand their current inter-dependencies and business impact. Facilitate effective migrations with the clear understanding of application interdependencies only Device42 can provide.

Application Dependency Mapping
Features SNMP Discovery

Highlighted features:

  • Agentless services and application discovery using native protocols
  • Agent based discovery available for sensitive and/or often disconnected devices
  • See all deployed applications, manufacturer / owner, version number and function
  • ‘Pin’ key services and Affinity Groups defines move groups & calculates impact charts for each; See a visual grouping of communication patterns
  • List all services, running or not, users, protocols & ports
  • Granular software and service details include install location, date, registry information, permissions, and configuration files for each software component!
  • Application dependency diagrams visualize application to device relationships
  • Map applications to servers, servers to switch ports, and users to devices and applications
  • Enjoy comprehensive application dependency maps even for machines that can’t be directly accessed with Netflow data!
  • Discoveries are scheduled, with no agents to install on thousands of servers!

Continuous Discovery

Continuously scheduled discoveries automatically detect changes to your infrastructure as they are made!

  • Focus– Focus on executing changes, not documenting them
  • Webhooks– Trigger automation based on any infrastructure change with webhooks!
  • Monitor– Quickly detect installation of prohibited software
  • Well Managed– Schedule discoveries, and never think about them again
  • Build– Your infrastructure data is always up to date, and always audit-ready!
Password Generator
Switch Impact Chart

Discovery Methods

Device42 quickly and thoroughly discovers your entire network using a variety of auto-discovery methods, automatically correlating the collected information:

WMI – WMI & WinRM for native Windows discovery

SSH – SSH for native Linux and UNIX discovery

SNMP – SNMP Discovery (v1, v2c, v3):

  • Network switches, routers, and firewalls
  • Load Balancers (F5 BIG-IP, Cisco Netscaler, etc.)
  • Blade systems for chassis and blade information
  • Discovery & monitoring of power and environmental devices like PDUs, UPS, CRAC, etc.
  • SNMP over IPMI for credential-less discovery of customer hardware
  • Netflow– Netflow & NMAP discovery
  • Support– Native hypervisor and VM discovery with support for all major virtualization platforms
  • Big Name– Cloud discovery support for Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Joyent, Linode, Digital
  • Cisco– Cisco UCS, Cisco discovery protocol (CDP), and LLDP neighbors
  • BMC– IPMI discovery for BMC boards
  • DNS– DNS and ping sweep for network discovery
  • Inventory– Pull inventory data from tools like Puppet, Chef, Microsoft SCCM, monitoring systems, and more!

Automated Service Impact Discovery

Device42 creates a comprehensive map of your services, open and listening ports, and remote connections for Windows, Linux, and BSD machines.

  • Know what services are listening on what ports
  • Understand business impacts before moving applications
  • Visualize all the dependencies for a particular machine
  • Get a list view of the service and its remote dependencies
  • No need to configure expensive span ports to get dependencies between servers
  • Be confident about retiring or consolidating assets!
DNS Integration
Switch Impact Chart

Application Dependency Flow

Reduce Service outages with predictable change and configuration management intelligence

  • Powerful, and easy to use!
  • Clearly show relationships between application components
  • Automatically generated

Application Impact Lists

Reduce Risk and potential downtime during cut-overs, upgrades, and migrations by understanding interdependencies and connections!

Impact Lists provide the necessary details about the organizational groups using the applications.

DNS Integration
Visual Application Impacts

Visual Application Impacts

Easily Understand Network Device Relationships!

Fast, easy, and accurate, auto-generated diagrams provide IT staff members with “anytime access” to impact charts that clearly communicate the relationships between applications, hardware components and facilities (rooms, buildings).

Run IT with confidence.®