Device42 vs RISC Networks Discovery

Device42 focuses on complete and accurate discovery, identifying all the details about what you have running in your environment, clearly highlighting the interdependencies. In contrast, RISC Networks provides tools centered around workload migration, and RISC’s tools focus on helping to compare the costs of migrating identified workloads (e.g. discovered VMs and/or applications) to competing cloud providers.

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Device42 also offers resource utilization features to help you rightsize your workload migrations to properly sized cloud instances. In contrast to RISC, however, Device42 complements these tools with a comprehensive CMDB with application dependency mapping (ADM), which automatically maps your application dependencies in detail. Once you have identified what you have running and where and how it all interacts, identifying candidates for migration and creating a migration plan is a much more straightforward process. The hardest and most important part of any migration project is gaining a thorough understanding of the current state of your network. A comparison of the critical features needed for migration projects are shown below:

Solution ComparisonDevice42 CoreRISC Networks CloudScape
Option To Keep All Data On-Premise
Agent-less Discovery
Optional Agent-based Discovery
Native Windows Discovery
Native Linux Discovery
Other OS Discovery (Mac, BSD)
VMWare Discovery
Native Discovery for Other Hypervisors
Native Discovery for Cloud Platforms
Application Dependency Discovery
NetFlow Support
NMap support
Blade Chassis Discovery
IPMI Devices
Certificate Discovery
Active Directory
Database Access via SQL
Audit / Change History Trail
Multi-Language Support
Power Monitoring
Workload Migration Suggestions
Cloud Cost Estimates

*All feature data deduced from RISC Network’s website and available marketing materials. Please let us know if something isn’t right and we’ll gladly update it.

Our Solution

Unlike RISC, Device42 is a comprehensive CMDB solution. Offering more than just the ability to discover your infrastructure, Device42 is your one-stop single source of truth because it includes a fully integrated suite of enterprise features: A full CMDB, DCIM, IPAM, Password Management, Certificate Management, Inventory and Lifecycle Management, Automatic Rack Diagrams, Cable Management, Drag-and-drop Room Layouts, Advanced Visualizations, Powerful, Customizable Reporting, Webhooks to drive automation, and an advanced, well documented RESTful API. Device42 provides far more value than any single solution "point product" ever could.

Device42 can quickly and thoroughly discover your entire network using a variety of auto-discovery methods, automatically correlating the information:

  • SNMP Discovery (v1/v2c/v3):
    • Network switches, routers and firewalls
    • Load balancers (such as BIG-IP F5 & Cisco NetScaler)
    • Blade systems to get chassis/blade system information
    • Discovery and monitoring of power devices like PDUs, UPS, CRAC, etc.
    • Console switches, fiber switches, SAN switches, etc.
  • WMI based discovery for Windows based machines (and servers)
  • SSH based discovery for different UNIX and Linux distributions
  • Hypervisor and VMs discovery with support for all major virtualization platforms
  • Cloud discovery support for Amazon, Azure, Joyent, Linode, Digital Ocean, etc.
  • Cisco UCS
  • DNS sync and ping sweep for network discovery
  • Pull inventory data from tools like Puppet, Chef, Microsoft SCCM, monitoring systems
  • IPMI discovery for BMC boards
  • Netflow discovery
  • NMap discovery

Fast and Easy Integration

Fast and Easy Integrations

Device42 includes a very granular and secure set of RESTful APIs for integration with other applications used to manage your IT infrastructure.

Integrations Include:

ITSM Integrations

...with Jira, Zendesk, and ServiceNow
  • Link CIs from Device42 to your ITSM tickets
  • View or Edit CI details from ServiceNow requests
  • Search JIRA issues by CI name

Configuration Management [CM] Integrations

...with Puppet, CHEF, ANSIBLE, and System Center
  • Device42 utilizes system information data stored in puppet manifests to populate asset inventory
  • Streamline the task of provisioning, configuring, and maintaining servers
  • Eliminating the need to run redundant auto-discovery processes across the IT infrastructure
System Center

Automation Integrations with Webhooks and Device42’s RESTful API

...with StackStorm, Zapier, and any other if-this-then-that tool!
  • Trigger events with Webhooks from Device42 based on just about any happening in your infrastructure
  • Manipulate any CI within Device42 via its powerful RESTful API
  • Direct, secure SQL access to the underlying database
  • Easily build custom integrations
  • Automate anything from common tasks to complex workloads
  • Centrally manage multiple DNS providers from Device42

SIEM Integrations Splunk and Logstash
  • Link CMDB items to issues in JIRA
  • View CI details from JIRA issues
  • Search JIRA issues by CI names
  • Display racks and devices inside JIRA when adding/creating/modifying issues

...With more always being developed!


SeeIT All in One Place!

Once your data is loaded, it's time to reap the benefits. Device42 offers an extensive and highly-customizable set of reports and inquiry screens to access your CI data. But even better, Device42 provides an extensive set of visualizations including:

  • Your computer rooms and racks with power and capacity heatmaps
  • Your full IP connectivity and power chain
  • Your hardware, software, and detailed application dependencies

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Making the switch is easy with migration utilities and imports.