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Device42 is much easier to use than Nlyte


  • Setup is simple and fast:
  • Import and boot the virtual appliance.
  • Auto-discovery will get nearly all your
    data into the system in an afternoon.


  • Lengthy implementation process
  • Nlyte User Training Classes
  • Complicated user guide
  • DOES NOT INCLUDE Auto-Discovery


Device42 offers 90% of Nlyte’s DCIM Functionality … at around 20% of the cost.

Device42’s DCIM features include:

  • Power Monitoring & Control
  • Visual Rack & Room Layouts
  • Capacity Planning
  • everything else you NEED in a DCIM tool


Device42’s awesome core features:

  • Powerful Reporting and Alerting
  • Great Visualizations
  • Custom fields & Form layouts
  • RESTful API and Webhooks

And tons of out of the box integrations:

  • Monitoring tools
  • Automation tools
  • Ticketing (ITSM) tools
  • Configuration Management (CM) Tools

…and skip out on navigating [and paying for!] a maze of features you don’t need.


Device42’s DCIM solution ALSO includes a feature-packed CMDB
…with Continuous Discovery

While many enterprise tools claim to have auto-discovery built-in, there are key differences:

Device42 is agentless — You don’t have to find every device and put an agent on it. Device42 finds them for you.

Device42 takes a Holistic approach — connecting directly to your:

Hypervisors and virtual devices (VMware, HyperV, Citrix, Xen, Openstack, Cloudstack, and more)

Cloud devices (Amazon, Azure, Joyent, Linode, Digital Ocean and more)

Network devices (physical and virtual)

Blade systems

Cisco UCS

Environmental Systems (CRACs, Environmental Sensors)

Management Systems (IPMI, iDRAC)

DNS Servers (Windows, Linux & Unix OS’s)

….correlating the interrelationships and dependencies automatically.

e.g., if Device42 finds a device’s MAC address on a switch port, it correlates that with the VM, which is on a blade, sitting in a particular slot in a chassis. It then finds what services are on that machine, and calculates the dependencies on other machines and services on your network.

On the other hand, the Nlyte relies on external tools for auto-discovery, increasing cost and complexity. Furthermore, Nlyte stops at the physical infrastructure, possibly overlooking what makes up a large portion of today’s virtualized & cloud based modern data centers. And while Device42 doesn’t support generators or chillers, Nlyte still uses Intel DCM for power. Device42 tried Intel DCM, and due to its limitations, instead wrote our own power logic.


Choosing Device42 means choosing a complete solution.

Nlyte relies on connectors to 3rd party CMDBs in an effort to match the native functionality of Device42.

The modern IT infrastructure requires a modern tool — not a patchwork of disparate systems.

With the prevalence of virtualization, containers, cloud computing, and software-defined networks…


IT infrastructure is orders of magnitude more complex than it was 10 years ago. Too much time is wasted trying to manage different tools.

It is no longer practical to manage your IT infrastructure using separate tools for:

  • ITAM – IT Asset Management
  • IPAM – IP Address Management
  • ADM – Application Dependency Management
  • SLM – Software License Management
  • CCM – Cloud Configuration Management

The interrelationships are too important and too complex —
they can only be adequately captured by an integrated tool like Device42.

Device42 looks at your IT Infrastructure holistically. A single, powerful console allows management of your Data Center [DCIM], IP Addresses [IPAM] and Passwords in addition to IT Asset Management [ITAM] with a built-in CMDB.


More, more, more, & … less.

Integrations, Webhooks, and an extremely powerful RESTful API

A true enterprise DCIM Solution should not be isolated.

Many enterprise class tools make integrating time consuming and/or expensive.

With Device42, you get a plethora of integrations out of the box, plus webhooks & REST APIs that make it a breeze to integrate with other tools.

…not more money. Device42 is simply more affordable.

Try a Device42 Interactive Demo for Free!

Making the switch is easy with migration utilities and imports.


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