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Device42 vs. Nlyte

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Device42 vs. Nlyte
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Agentless and automatic discovery of all your IT assets

Detailed inventory for physical,virtual, containers, and cloud infrastructure

Simplified dashboard providing clear and contextual visibility of your estate

Includes a full-featured CMDB

Carbon emission and sustainability management

Searching For An Nlyte Alternative?

Physical infrastructure is still a large portion of today’s virtualized and cloud-based modern data centers.  Having the right DCIM that can auto-discover both physical and virtual environments means you get accurate, current data that you can count on for your business decisions.

Device42 is unique in that it provides you with advanced DCIM functionality built into the same platform and also gives you ITAM, IPAM, CMDB, ITOM, advanced reporting and more. All solutions in a single integrated bundle that allows you to do  DCIM right!

Common Benefits & Use Cases

  • Advanced DCIM functionality and asset management to maximize and optimize assets for decommissioning or reallocation
  • Data center design and infrastructure planning
  • Automated workflow and change management support for complete asset lifecycle management
  • Increased operational efficiencies
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