Infoblox Integration with Device42

Enhance your IPAM with the InfoBlox / Device42 integration

Easily utilize this free script to gather information from Infoblox, syncing data to your Device42 appliance via the REST APIs.

Sync InfoBlox IP & Subnet Data To Device42!

The Device42 / InfoBlox Integration Imports:

  • Subnets
  • Static IP addresses
  • MAC addresses
  • Device names (if detected by Infoblox)
  • Device OS (if detected by Infoblox)
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Infoblox Subnet Management
Device42 Subnet Management

IP Address Management APIs

Let InfoBlox handle your DDI.
Device42 can do the rest!

Device42 enables centralized management of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Manually and automatically add IP addresses and define relationships to devices and MAC addresses. Robust filtering and search makes IP management easy and fast, while DNS Integration means zones are transferred automatically for easy correlation with IP addresses.

Switch Impact Chart

Track and Visualize Switch Port Connectivity

Device42's IP Address Manager builds graphic network visualizations of switch to switch port connections. The automatically generated diagrams are based on both auto-discovered and manually entered network data. In addition, diagrams also depict virtual devices detected on switch ports.

Manage IP Addresses from the Command Line

Manage IP Addresses
from the Command Line

Device42's IPAM tool provides simple, well documented API calls that can find the next available IP, search for an IP, and can even easily assign one or more new IPs using the scripting language of your choice.

Device42 has a robust IPAM implementation, but a full DDI tool is needed, Infoblox & Bluecat are both good choices. For those needing or planning to utilize a DDI solution, Device42 integrates with InfoBlox.

Download the InfoBlox - Device42 integration script for better IPAM today!

The latest version is available on our Github repo.