Device42 vs BMC Discovery (formerly BMC ADDM)

Bringing a powerful CMDB in house with advanced discovery features is a great idea, and we want to make your decision as easy as possible. Below, you will find information that will help familiarize you with the commonalities between Device42 & BMC Discovery (formerly BMC ADDM), and will also highlight some of the main differences between the two solutions.

Device42 focuses on complete and accurate discovery, identifying all the details about what you have running in your environment today, and clearly highlighting the interdependencies. Similarly, BMC Discovery automatically discovers your IT inventory and the details around it, including “software, hardware, network, storage, and versions”.

Both Discovery Products have a number of similar use cases and benefits. Some of the more common use cases, and their supporting features are found below:

Common Benefits & Use Cases:

  • Discover, consolidate, and decommission servers
  • Identify old, inefficient servers & save on operating expense
  • Orchestrate migration planning after discovery of applications & dependencies
  • Troubleshoot more efficiently with shorter MTTR
  • Reduce audit time & effort significantly
  • Eliminate the majority of manual infrastructure documentation

Common Features:

  • Advanced visualizations
  • Powerful, customizable reporting
  • IP address, MAC, Subnet, and other network details
  • Dependency diagrams
  • High level of well organized detail
  • Customizable fields
  • Integrations with 3rd party software

Though Device42 and BMC Discovery have much in common, some key features differentiate the two. These are shown below.

Solution ComparisonDevice42 CoreBMC Discovery (ADDM)
Cloud and On Premise Option
Native Windows and Linux Discovery
Native (API-based) VMware Discovery
Native (API-based) Hyper-V, Xen
Native Cloud Platform Discovery
Application Dependency Discovery
SNMP Support
Resource Utilization
Agent-less Discovery
Optional Agent Based Discovery**
Integrated Netflow Discovery
XLS/XLSX Spreadsheet Imports

*All feature data deduced from the BMC Software website and/or available marketing materials. Please let us know if something isn’t right and we’ll gladly update it.

The Device42 Solution

Dependency Diagram

Device42’s ADM Tracks Relationships and Maps Dependencies Between Your Hardware and Software Inventory, and Other IT Assets

Device42’s software Application Dependency Mapping (ADM) and inventory management features provides the powerful ability to automatically map, track, and visualize operational dependencies.

Device42’s software inventory tool produces detailed software and server Impact Charts:

Display downward dependencies from Virtual Server Host or Blade Chassis to contained VM’s:

  • Visualize all service connections between them
  • See a clear map of your operations and its interdependencies
  • Quickly understand the trickle-down effect of a service interruption if a blade or service were to become unavailable

A complete solution from BMC requires the purchase and integration of numerous standalone components including their Discovery product, their CMDB product, Riverbed Netflow, and storage discovery product.

In contrast, Device42 is fully integrated with no standalone modules (though some components are licensed separately). Device42 is truly a one-stop single source of truth because it includes a fully integrated suite of enterprise DCIM features:

  • A CMDB
  • Power Monitoring & Control
  • IPAM
  • Password Management
  • Certificate Management
  • Multi-Tenancy
  • Capacity Planning
  • “What-if” scenarios
  • Inventory Lifecycle Management
  • Automatic Rack Diagrams
  • Cable Management
  • Drag-and-drop Room Layouts
  • Full Audit Trails
  • Asset Transfers
  • Asset Lifecycle Tracking
  • Purchase Tracking
  • QR / Barcode Generation
  • Spreadsheet / CSV Import of CI’s and Attributes

Device42’s Advanced Visualizations, powerful, Customizable Reporting facilities, and its advanced, well documented RESTful APIs work together to provide an enhanced data management experience: by helping to make your data either easier to see and understand, faster to manipulate, and/or more convenient to quantify. All of these features, too, are available at a price that will surprise you.

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