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Use Cases

Hardware Audit

- Device42's Audit Export functionality provides a very efficient means to handle audit rectification on the fly, exporting a pre-formatted spreadsheet that lists all the
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Software Audit & Compliance

- IT Infrastructure teams are typically required to conduct, assist in, and endure a number of different types of audit every year - finance audits, security audits, r...
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Data Center & Cloud Migration

- Data Center and Cloud migrations require meticulous planning and execution. They also carry significant business risk, as botched cutovers can results in runaway cos...
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Budgeting & Finance

- The Device42 system tracks all your IT purchase orders by cost center and department at the line item level. You can easily produce reports showing capital and opera...
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IT Agility

- When you open a ticket in your ITSM system, Device42 is right there to with the information you need. Pop up an application dependency diagram to view the users and ...
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Capacity Planning

- Capacity planning for the both future need and peak transient loads can prove a tricky undertaking. Too much capacity, and your spend can quickly
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IT Automation

- Whether automating common tasks or complex workloads, Device42 is a DevOps team's best friend —featuring WebHooks, a Powerful RESTful API, and countless integrations
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Mergers & Acquisitions

- Mergers and acquisitions are a lot more than paperwork and a name change. When companies merge, each company will initially have its own supporting IT Infrastructure...
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OS Stack Migration

- Computers running unsupported operating systems continue to function. However, using unsupported software may increase the risks of viruses and other security threat...
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Change Management

-The Change management process often entails countless meetings in an attempt to determine the relevant data and dependencies, often still mistakenly overlooking or co...
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Performance, Security & Incident Response

Your infrastructure has a lot of servers that need managing, and every single server could be running hundreds of pieces of software, each of which needs to be managed...
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