Hardware Audit

Hardware Audit


You are generally required to audit your data center for a variety of reasons - finance audits, security audits, budgeting cycles, need to update that visio nobody has touched in the last 6 months etc.

  1. Auditing a data center - big or small, can be daunting task.
    The problem is compounded if:
    1. You don’t have an accurate inventory of all your equipment
    2. The data you do have exists only in somebody’s head, and you have personnel changes
    3. Servers and other equipment are frequently added and moved within the datacenter and across data centers
  2. The generic solution that most companies use (whenever the audit cycle comes around) - is creating Excel/Visio files. Most of the time, you have to start the process from scratch.
    Issues with excel/vision approach:
    1. Spend weeks or months to get everything documented in excel and visio. It takes a long time to do this right.
    2. The process is like taking a snapshot of a running horse and things will change invariably sooner or later.
    3. Even if you create processes to keep Excel/Visio up-to-date you end up with multiple versions and data issues as there is no centralized editing and no standard template.
Hardware Audit Solution


Device42’s Audit Export functionality provides a very efficient means to handle audit rectification on the fly, exporting a pre-formatted spreadsheet that lists all the contents of a building, room, or rack, ready to match to what your barcode scanner sees.

Rack to rack, aisle to aisle, no WiFi or connection of any kind needed. A quick macro can serve to ensure that what you’ve scanned matches what should be there; turning the cell/line green. In the case of a mismatch, the box/line turns red, and you know rectification is required.

What was once an error prone, time consuming, highly manual process is simplified to scanning rack to rack, top to bottom, and only pausing momentarily should something be amiss. No lengthy rectifications when you return to your desk; only update the few differences you uncover. Your audit time is reduced approximately 7-fold.


  • No more manual rectification
  • No connectivity/WiFi needed!
  • No more playing catch-up
  • ~7x reduction in audit time
  • Auditing no longer a huge task
  • No need to invest a massive amount of time and manpower to get a one-time-use point in time snapshot

Device42 auto-discovers

  • Discovery can be run on a schedule so you can stop playing catch-up with your infrastructure
  • Auditing is no longer a giant undertaking to identify the state of your infra at a point in time
  • Less manual entry, reduced investment of time & manpower, and less errors

Device42 means consistency

  • Add any number of custom fields, ensuring the ability to document any desired attribute
  • Central interface ensures everyone documents the same attributes about each CI

Device42 utilizes existing data

  • Data in spreadsheets and CSV files can be ingested and organized, eliminating duplicated effort
  • Data can be pulled from CMDB software like Microsoft SCCM and BMC Remedy

Device42 supports ITAM [IT Asset Management]

  • Generate barcodes & QR codes unique to a piece of hardware.
  • Supports scanning barcodes with a mobile device, displaying that items CI

Device42 Rack-Audit sheets save time

  • Scan racks top to bottom, only pausing momentarily should you see something is amiss
  • Offline auditing of your data center is simplified to a 3-step export/scan/rectify process
  • Customers have reported ~7x reduction in audit time