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Hardware Audit


You are generally required to audit your data center for a variety of reasons – finance audits, security audits, risk-related audits, budget cycle audits.

Auditing a data center – big or small, can be daunting task.
The problem is compounded if:

Inventory – You don’t have an accurate inventory of all your equipment

In Someone – The data you do have exists only in somebody’s head, and you have personnel changes

Move To – Servers and other equipment are frequently added and moved within the datacenter and across data centers

Many companies do an “inventory” in order to prepare for an audit and store the results in Excel and Visio files. This approach is problematic for several reasons:

  • It can take weeks or months to get everything documented in excel and Visio.
  • By the time the inventory is complete, things have changed, and it’s out of date. At best, it will be out of date for the next audit.
  • Even if you create processes to keep Excel/Visio up-to-date, you end up with multiple versions and data issues as there is no centralized editing and no standard template.


Device42 helps you document your IT infrastructure quickly, and auto-discovery helps to keep that information up-to-date. A standard, single console for every user can help reduce duplicate and error prone data issues. In addition rack audit sheets can make it easier to do regular inventories and to make updates based on diffs, making the overall process a breeze.

HW Audit Table


No more manual rectification

No more connectivity/WiFi needed!

No more playing catch-up

~7x reduction in audit time

Auditing no longer a huge task

No need to invest a massive amount of time and manpower to get a one-time-use point in time snapshot


Stop playing catch-up with your infrastructure: less manual entry and less errors means better data in less time!

Supports ITAM

[IT Asset Management]Generate barcodes & QR codes, scan barcodes with your mobile device, and integrate with your existing ITAM software!


Unlimited custom fields, document any desired attribute, and a central interface for all users

Rack-Audit Sheets Save Time

Simplified offline auditing process: 3-step export/scan/rectify process for a ~7x reduction in audit time

Utilizes Existing Data

Import data from spreadsheets and CSVs, and/or CMDB software like SCCM and BMC Remedy

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