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Although many IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions include a base IT discovery, ITSM teams need comprehensive, real-time configuration item (CI) data to unlock the critical insights necessary to accelerate incident response and optimize change control processes.

That’s why many leading organizations and ITSM providers choose Device42 for its comprehensive discovery and dependency mapping capabilities to supercharge their ITSM platform. We are experts in Hybrid IT infrastructure discovery. Armed with Device42’s comprehensive near real-time data, organizations gain significant advantages as ITSM teams can now navigate their IT landscapes with confidence and precision.

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Experience the Full Power of Device42 Automated Discovery and
Dependency Mapping for IT Service Management

Discover Everything—From Mainframe to the Cloud

As IT infrastructure discovery experts, Device42 employs multiple discovery protocols to achieve the depth and breadth necessary for ITSM teams to gain insights beyond mere asset management and thoroughly understand workflows.

This approach enables Device42 to uncover physical assets, virtual machines, cloud resources, business applications, legacy systems, and storage resource devices that often go unnoticed by native ITSM discovery.

Cloud Technology Discovery
Discovery Chart

Device42 doesn’t stop there. It captures detailed information about each asset, such as its configuration, relationships with other components, and dependencies. With deeper insights, ITSM teams can now fully assess the severity and impact of issues, identify affected areas, and determine potential causes more efficiently, thanks to the wealth of information readily available to them.

Optimize Workflows with Integrated Data

Device42 discovered data is consolidated within your ITSM solution, providing your IT teams with comprehensive insights without needing direct access to Device42. This breadth and depth of discovered data enables quick troubleshooting when an IT ticket is issued. It allows ITSM teams to delve deeper into the problem and see many more details, such as server and application dependencies, certificate expirations, connectivity to networking gear, database, rack/room location, and ownership information, and more—all in one view.

Having additional device and dependency data at their fingertips enables IT teams to understand the full scope of potential causes and impacts on the business. This helps them prioritize tasks, reduce change control risks, and improve mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR).

Standardize and Enhance Data with EnrichAI

Device42 EnrichAI empowers ITSM teams by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to standardize and enrich configuration item (CI) data. This deepened insight into your environment enables effortless management of operating system (OS) and software lifecycles, mitigating risks associated with end-of-life (EOL) and end-of-support (EOS) scenarios. 

By proactively identifying and addressing potential risks, ITSM teams can minimize the likelihood of security breaches, system failures, and service disruptions, ensuring uninterrupted operations and enhanced security posture.

EnrichAI Microsoft Server

Bring Business Service Context to Your IT Infrastructure

Understanding the relationships between different configuration items (CIs) is crucial for effective change management, incident response, and overall IT governance. While some ITSM solutions boast native dependency mapping, it’s often limited to network dependencies, leaving crucial aspects of your IT infrastructure unseen.

Powered by Device42’s comprehensive discovery, Dependency Mapping elevates your ITSM workflows, uncovering intricate relationships across applications, services, networks, storage resource devices, and databases. By visualizing dependencies and relationships, ITSM teams can streamline incident response and minimize downtime by quickly identifying the cause of issues and understanding their impact on the overall IT infrastructure and business.

Actionable Insights Through Analytics and Visualizations

Device42’s powerful reporting and dashboard features are essential tools for ITSM teams, offering extensive insights and actionable data through integrated analytics and visualizations. With flexible reporting options and a transparent data structure, you can easily customize reports to share relevant information with other departments. Advanced reports, dashboards, APIs, and the Device42 Object Query Language (DOQL) further enhance reporting capabilities.


Quick Time to Value

Device42’s seamless integrations for leading ITSM platforms, including Atlassian Jira Service Management (JSM), Freshworks, and Servicenow, elevate your IT service management and harness a single source of truth for enhanced efficiency and response quality. Learn more about our integrations for:

Atlassian Jira Service Management
All integrations


Device42 counts many ITSM providers not only as partners but as customers, too.

Simplify ITIL Compliance and
Service Asset Management

Device42 seamlessly supports IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices through its robust capabilities for Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM). By maintaining accurate configuration item (CI) data and enabling effortless tracking of configuration changes, Device42 facilitates adherence to ITIL processes. Device42 empowers ITSM teams to effectively manage service assets, optimize configurations, and uphold ITIL compliance standards, ultimately driving improved service delivery and greater customer satisfaction.


Key Features for ITSM

  • Automates manual discovery processes, ensuring consistent, secure, and compliant data.
  • Uncovers configuration item (CI) data such as business applications, devices, end users, customers, and buildings, along with their pertinent relationships, surpassing what native ITSM discovery typically finds.
  • Provides insights into server resource utilization data, enabling ITSM teams to optimize performance, identify potential bottlenecks, and make informed decisions for efficient IT service delivery.
  • Enhances ITSM workflow by seamlessly linking configuration items (CIs) from Device42 to your service requests, tickets, or issues. We push the discovered data into the platform to constantly update CIs with everything that has been found.
  • Out-of-the-box schemas for leading ITSM solutions allow you to get up and running quickly, which is also customizable to map to your existing schema.
  • Unified view across an organization consolidates Device42 and ITSM data within the ITSM tooling solution, providing users with comprehensive insights without needing direct access to Device42. This integration streamlines operations and enhances efficiency by offering a unified data experience.
  • Leverage proprietary algorithms to fingerprint devices so that multiple disparate records can be reconciled into one record.
  • Visualize relationships and dependencies among infrastructures, ensuring comprehensive visibility of your IT environment beyond a simple asset catalog.
  • Easily export data anytime or import from almost anywhere. RESTful APIs make custom integrations easy, too!

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