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Device42 vs. ServiceNow

Looking for a better alternative to ServiceNow?
Device42 vs ServiceNow

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Why Choose Device42 over ServiceNow?

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Full hybrid IT discovery

Detailed inventory for physical, virtual, containers, and cloud infrastructure

Robust integrations with other ITSMs

Fast time to value/lower cost

Data center and cloud infrastructure management (DCCIM)

Searching For A ServiceNow Alternative?

Unlike ServiceNow, Device42 is not an IT service management or ticketing system. Instead, Device42 offers out-of-the-box integration with ITSM tools such ServiceNow, JSM, Freshworks and others. Our customers use the depth and breadth of discovery with the Device42 analytics engine to enrich and enhance their ITSM products. Additionally, Device42 offers a lower price and time to value, as well as Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), not available in most ITSM products.

Common Benefits & Use Cases

  • Identify and manage TLS/SSL certificates to ensure they are current
  • Endpoint discovery and custom views
  • Troubleshoot more efficiently and enjoy shorter MTTR
  • Significantly reduce compliance audit time & audit effort
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Common Features & Functionalities

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Agentless discovery

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Powerful, customizable reporting

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