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Cloud Recommendation Engine

Device42’s Cloud Recommendation Engine (CRE) provides cloud instance sizing recommendations with pricing details for both the Amazon AWS and the Microsoft Azure cloud platforms – tailored to your actual workloads!

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CRE analyzes workload data across your infrastructure, automatically!

After Device42’s auto-discovery tools have the details about your physical, virtual, and existing cloud workloads, the cloud recommendation engine’s proprietary software gives you the insights you need to decide which workloads are the right candidates for the cloud, which instance sizes you should choose, and which cloud platform offers the best value!

Get answers to your important cloud migration

questions – AUTOMATICALLY!

…all tailored to your actual workloads!

  • Which workloads are good candidates for migration to the cloud?
  • Granular APIs with sample scripts for custom discovery
  • Fast, flexible and easy to deploy
  • Result is a system that is always audit ready

CRE Makes Sense of Your Cloud Options

Skip drawn-out, manual user interview processes: CI’s and relationships are automatically discovered, so there’s no wondering about accuracy.

Consider all of your options: and choose the best combination of cloud and local workloads to meet your user’s, budget, and availability needs and requirements!

Explore scale up or scale-down cloud scenarios easily: Simply supply CRE the percentage you’d like to scale by and see pricing information for your hypothetical DR site or your 200% larger production site … in one click!

Cloud Option

CRE Makes Sense of Your Cloud Options

It’s your data, anonymized. Yes, it uses encrypted SSL, and yes, it’s secure … but the only 100% security guarantee is not transmitting sensitive data in the first place … so CRE never does!

Our proprietary processes analyze your workloads, stripping out all proprietary information. Anonymous, but critical workload details are then matched (in the cloud!) to hundreds of various cloud instance combinations, zeroing in on those that fit them best. Your workload names are then re-matched with those recommendations – locally!

Proprietary information never leaves your site! And best of all, Device42 makes it easy, pricing multiple scenarios for you using all available data!

  • AWS based on Inventory data only
  • AWS based on Inventory data + resource utilization!
  • Azure based on Inventory dali>
  • Azure based on Inventory data + resource utilization!
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