Device42 Features

Device42 Features

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Comprehensive IT Infrastructure Management

Device42 includes everything you need to automate documentation of your infrastructure:

  • A feature-packed CMDB with powerful auto discovery and intelligent application dependency mapping (ADM)
  • A suite of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tools
  • Powerful Asset Management (ITAM) features
  • IP Address Management (IPAM)
  • ...and a well documented RESTful API and webhooks to support your infrastructure automation efforts


Device42 Feature Highlights & Screenshots

Web-based automatic rack diagrams
Web-based automatic rack diagrams
Web-based automatic rack diagrams

Device42: A Powerful CMDB with Auto Discovery, Application Dependency Mapping, DCIM, ITAM, IPAM, and more!

Discoveries are run continuously on a schedule, automatically detecting changes to your infrastructure as they are made, keeping your CMDB up to date. Device42’s CMDB can track everything you own including IP and Non-IP based devices and assets, hardware, software, the inter-dependencies between them all, and even resource utilization!

Easily Document Everything from Buildings and Their Room Layouts, to Racks, to the Network and Power Cables That Connect to Them:

  • Start at the building level, and click to jump to a completely customizable visual room layout
  • Click again to zoom into a rack to view photo-realistic devices in Device42’s racks, and hover your mouse for quick view of any CI details
  • Click any device to get detailed information, or move servers or patch panel connections with simple drag-n-drop.

Device42 Makes Cloud migrations easier, too!

  • Start with a website and view dependencies from the top down, or a database and go from the bottom up to begin creating move groups
  • Use interdependency information in concert with resource utilization features to assist in right-sizing your move groups to your target cloud instances, making planning breeze
  • Color coded rack heatmaps illustrate available space (U’s), power, or temperature
  • RestFUL APIs or the UI can be used to quickly bring your patch panel (or any other) documentation under control.
Auto Populate Objects
Auto Populate Objects
Auto Password Auto Discovery

Device42 Auto Discovers Network Connected Hardware, Devices, Software, Services - And Also Imports Data From Any Existing System

  • Automatically discover all your network devices with SNMP [Firewalls, Switches, Load Balancers]
  • Integrations and universal bulk import tools can bring in data from spreadsheets, or natively from many third party softwares.
  • Powerful RESTful APIs so you can use your favorite scripting platforms to create and keep your documentation up-to date.

DCIM Features Include Powerful Visuals with Drag and Drop and Tree Views

Visual cable management makes recording and tracing cable connections as easy as point and click. Device42 makes searching easy, sorting simple (e.g. by IP), and provides for powerful filtering (e.g. by subnet).

  • Quickly determine what MAC address is connected to a switch port, and easily see the associated device
  • View impacts from the application, device, rack, room or building level
  • Device trees expand to reveal nested branches that quickly show you all devices in a rack, all virtual instances contained within a physical server, or all the blades in a chassis!
Patch Panel Cable Management
Room layouts with heat maps

Device Tree
Web-based automatic rack diagrams
Application Dependency Mapping
Automated Service Impact Discovery

Power Unit
Impact Charts

Application Dependency Mapping (ADM)

Dependency and impact visuals are auto-generated from user-defined Application components from the bottom up. Visualize your inter-dependency details right down to load balanced services. Device42's Netflow collector is a powerful tool that adds another viewpoint for a deeper level of detail to dependency auto-discovery information from your environment.

  • See impact topologies from an application, device, rack, room or the building level
  • Use topology views to discover dependencies and when planning your migration
  • Find everything that needs to move as a unit, and rightsize the target cloud instance for your move group with Device42’s resource utilization features
  • Impress your boss with the visuals or we’ll take you out for beer on us (yes, really*)

Granular Permissioning & Password Management

  • Multitenancy allows Device42 admins to define who can access the system and what they can do
  • Get as granular as desired with individual and/or group level permissions, defining exactly who can (or can’t) view, edit, add, or delete what resources
  • Device42 securely stores passwords, too. All are encrypted (AES256) always [yes, even during and in backups], and configurable and audited access control.

Software Vulnerability Management

Quickly & efficiently locate vulnerabilities!

  • Discovered software is automatically checked against the VulnDB vulnerability database
  • When new CVEs are released, simply look to Device42
  • See vulnerability locations & all servers running vulnerable software
  • Compare software vulnerability scores to pre-qualify software
Role Based Access     View Software Vulnerabilities
Centralized Password Management     View MS SQL Server Vulnerabilities

Subnet Tree IPAM
DNS Integration

Export Your Data
Switch Port Visualization

Device42 Includes Everything You Need to do IPAM Right!

  • Device42’s IPAM includes full IPv6 support
  • Track detailed VLANs and subnets information
  • Subnet ranges can be automatically calculated based on mask, and IP validation is automatic, too
  • Define and see what IPs are mapped (NAT rules) through your firewalls / routers / load balancers etc
  • Simply allow domain transfers from your DNS servers and schedule the auto-discovery and now DNS records are searchable & sortable, too
  • Support for A, AAAA, CNAME, MX & PTR records.

The ITAM Features You Care About

  • Easy generation and printing of QR codes to track and manage the complete lifecycle of your IT assets and inventory
  • More than just mobile-friendly, Device42’s QR codes can be scanned right from your mobile device
  • Add custom fields for any custom key pair values, and leverage all data via Device42’s powerful RESTful APIs.

NO vendor lock-in, either - export YOUR data, anytime! Create Excel formatted reports of your data, or generate CSV files with columns for each resource you choose.

Device42’s built-in ITAM includes all of the following, and more:

  • Easily add any device or custom attribute
  • Add any columns [like name, serial, mac, asset number etc.]
  • Automatic Warranty Lookup and Tracking
  • Complete Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Powerful [nearly universal] import tools
  • Mobile Friendly!
Change Device

Inventory Management
Easy Import
Device Tree

Out of the Box Integrations with Popular 3rd Party Software, Powerful RESTful APIs and Webhooks for Custom Integrations & Automations

Open APIs to automate your IT Infrastructure management. Easily integrate with other systems using RESTful APIs, and leverage Device42’s Webhooks to provide any other application with near-real-time data updates. Sort, search and filter audit logs of all changes, too.