Device42 — An Easier, More Powerful Alternative to RackTables
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  • List your device
  • List all racks and enclosures
  • Show where devices are racked
  • Maintain physical ports of the devices and links between them
  • Manage IP addresses, assign them to the devices and group them into networks
  • Document your NAT rules
  • Describe your load balancing policy and store load balancing configuration
  • Attach files to various objects in the system
  • Create users, assign permissions and allow or deny any actions they can do
  • Label everything and even everyone with flexible tagging system

But not only is Device42 easier to use, Device42 ALSO:

…is a full featured CMDB, includes an enterprise password management system, IT Asset Management (ITAM) and lifecycle management, DCIM tools like power monitoring and rack utilization heat maps, both SSL and TLS certificate management, End of Life (EOL) & End of Support (EOS) tracking, integrated IPAM, Continuous Discovery with in depth Application Mapping, Software License Management, countless out of the box integrations, Webhook support, and a powerful, well documented RESTful API…

With the majority of these features included in our core product!


Device42 is the only enterprise CMDB with Continuous Discovery
…with Continuous Discovery

While many enterprise tools claim to have auto-discovery built-in, there are key differences:

Device42 is agentless — You don’t have to find every device and put an agent on it. Device42 finds them for you.

Device42 takes a Holistic approach — connecting directly to your:

Hypervisors and virtual devices (VMware, HyperV, Citrix, Xen, Openstack, Cloudstack, and more)

Cloud devices (Amazon, Azure, Joyent, Linode, Digital Ocean and more)

Network devices (physical and virtual)

Blade systems

Cisco UCS

Environmental Systems (CRACs, Environmental Sensors)

Management Systems (IPMI, iDRAC)

DNS Servers (Windows, Linux & Unix OS’s)

….correlating the interrelationships and dependencies automatically.

e.g., if Device42 finds a device’s MAC address on a switch port, it correlates that with the VM, which is on a blade, sitting in a particular slot in a chassis. It then finds what services are on that machine, and calculates the dependencies on other machines and services on your network.


like most Open Source alternatives, you’re on your own to manually keep everything up to date, which we all know goes by the wayside way too often. This can be worse than no documentation at all. Trusting outdated and just plain wrong documentation can lead to bad decisions that result in embarrassing and costly outages. Device42 discovers changes to your infrastructure shortly after they’re made, automatically updating documentation on your behalf so it’s always up to date, and always correct.

Racktables Doesn’t Handle Room Layouts.

RackTables Image

…and its rack layouts are primitive, also lacking drag-and-drop rack arrangement.

Compare a rack view in Racktables
to a Rack view in Device42:

Compare Image
vs Image

Besides the Primitive Visualizations, lack of photo realistic views, and missing features, by all means, if you have no budget, use RackTables over a cobbled together Excel based solution… However, if you want a market leader in features, ease of use, discovery, and price – take a look at Device42.


Choosing Device42 means choosing a complete solution.

Nlyte relies on connectors to 3rd party CMDBs in an effort to match the native functionality of Device42.

The modern IT infrastructure requires a modern tool — not a patchwork of disparate systems.

With the prevalence of virtualization, containers, cloud computing, and software-defined networks…


IT infrastructure is orders of magnitude more complex than it was 10 years ago. Too much time is wasted trying to manage different tools.

It is no longer practical to manage your IT infrastructure using separate tools for:

  • ITAM – IT Asset Management
  • IPAM – IP Address Management
  • ADM – Application Dependency Management
  • SLM – Software License Management
  • CCM – Cloud Configuration Management

The interrelationships are too important and too complex —
they can only be adequately captured by an integrated tool like Device42.

Device42 looks at your IT Infrastructure holistically. A single, powerful console allows management of your Data Center [DCIM], IP Addresses [IPAM] and Passwords in addition to IT Asset Management [ITAM] with a built-in CMDB.


You get more with Device42.


A true enterprise class solution should not be isolated. You likely use monitoring tools, automation tools, ticketing (ITSM) tools, finance tools, and others that can benefit from the information in your CMDB.

Many tools make integrating time consuming and/or expensive, and some don’t support it at all. With Device42, you get a plethora of integrations out of the box, plus webhooks & REST APIs that make it a breeze to integrate with other tools.

Web Hooks Image


Though Open Source seems like a bargain at the beginning, the manual upkeep and constant attention it requires keeps costing you forever.

Device42 doesn’t believe an enterprise class product should require expensive professional services – and ours doesn’t. We also believe that the value you’ll get from Device42 far outweighs the cost.

And more than a thousand happy users in 33 countries agree. If our auto-discovery and collaboration features can save your team just ten hours per month, then Device42 will more than pay for itself.

Try a Device42 Interactive Demo for Free!

Making the switch is easy with migration utilities and imports.


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