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Incident Management

Device42 is your trusted source of information to make critical IT decisions. 

Device42 customers typically experience 30% improvement in Mean-Time-to-Resolution (MTTR) and more than 15% in the amount of time it takes to respond to an incident, with the right right knowledge about what to focus on to resolve the issue.

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Real-World Incident Management Use Case

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In the event of an incident, your monitoring system sends you an alert, and you need to understand what it is, where it is, what is the impact of this issue?

Simply search for the resource name in Device42.

You instantly get a dependency map view of your resource, to visually see what is dependent on that resource and what it depends on. You are quickly able to tell the importance and impact of this issue. 

You also get a tabular view giving you relationship type, impact reason, owner, type, installed software, and much more in one view.

Incident & Management Use Case
Incident & Management Use Case

You can drill down even further to the device and get much more, single pane of glass view and details on the devices—such as location, OS, storage, life cycle and more—allowing you to get everything you need to know about each system.

Further detail shows that the certificate on this system has expired 1 day ago, and this is the cause of the issue where users are not able to access the application. The admin can now quickly contact the owner of that system and have them resolve this problem quickly.

Incident & Management Use Case

Device42 enables your entire IT team to rely on a trusted single source of truth, jointly working on solving problems, and keeping future ones from happening in the first place.

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