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IP Address Management(IPAM)

Device42’s IP Address Management (IPAM) capabilities provide an easy-to-use, intuitive console for centralized IP visibility and control including IP tracking, IP assignments, and many other IP management functions.

    • IPv4/IPv6 IP address management
    • Auto-discovery tools to keep IP records accurate and up-to-date
    • Overlapping IP ranges and nested subgroups management
    • Subnet tree view with nested subnets and IPs
    • Auto assignment of IPs to devices
    • Powerful APIs enable IP search, find, and integration with other tools
    • Graphic visualizations of network connectivity connections
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Overlapping IP Ranges and Nested Subnets

The Device42 IP address Management (IPAM) software provides:

    • Overlapping IP ranges with VRF groups
    • Create nested IPv4 and IPv6 subnets with a single click
    • Subnet tree view with nested subnets & IPs
    • Assign subnets to customer/departments
    • Easily track usage per subnet
    • Keep accurate IP information using auto-discovery tools
    • Merge subnets into parents
    • Relocate subnets
    • Merge VLANs

Auto-assign IPs

Allow staff members to auto-assign available IPs to devices. Worrying about outdated IPAM.xlsx is now a thing of the past.

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Switch Impact Chart

Visualize Switch Port Relationships

Device42’s IP address manager builds graphic network visualizations of switch port to switch port connections. lAuto-generated diagrams are based on auto-discovered and manually entered network data. In addition, diagrams also depict virtual devices detected on switch ports.

DNS Integration

Transfer zones and zone records automatically from DNS servers for easy search and up-to-date documentation and correlation to IP addresses.

DNS Integration
IPAM Curl Example

IP Address Management from <cmd/>

    Device42’s IP address management tool provides simple API calls to find next available IP, search for an IP, or assign a new IP using scripting language.

    Automated IP Tracking

      • IP tracking software for centralized management of your IP space
      • Support for IPv4 and IPv6
      • Automatic reconciliation with subnets, VLANs, devices, MAC addresses, DNS
      • Track overlapping IP ranges across different VRF groups
      • Automatic switch port to device mappings
      • Keep your IP address records current using built-in discovery tools
      • Schedule recurring Ping Sweep jobs
      • Build custom reports with recurring schedules, deliver to multiple email recipients
      Ping Sweep
      Ping Sweep Networks

      Ping Sweep Auto-discovery

        • Easy to use Ping Sweep options
        • Create multiple Ping Sweep jobs
        • Scan multiple networks per job
        • Schedule to run at pre-defined intervals

        Track IP Address Type

            • Device42 IPAM software automatically allows auto-assignment of IP type during discovery
            • Easily override type post discovery by specifying range and editing
            • Types include: DHCP, Static, & Reserved
            IP Address Management
            Automated Ping Sweep

            Schedule and Automate Network Discovery

              • Customize recurring schedules for each discovery job
              • Add multiple schedules for each discovery job; stagger and segregate jobs by subnet, hardware type, VLAN, or VRF group — it’s up to you!
              • Device42 inventory tracking software automates network inventory
              • Enjoy an up-to-date map of your entire IT infrastructure.

              IP Address Reports

                  • Create custom reports
                  • Filter with partial search strings
                  • Boolean filtering for address availability
                  • Multiple option filter field for Subnet and Type
                  • Date filtering
                  • Create a recurring schedule for each report or run the report manually
                  IP Address Report
                  Automated Ping Sweep

                  Switch Impact Charts

                    • Network visualization – see exactly what’s connected to what, end-to-end from switch port to switch port
                    • Generated in real-time based on auto-discovered and manually entered data. Visualizations include virtual devices and virtual switches, as well
                    • Track device and MAC address relationships along with their IP addresses

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