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Software License Management

Using Device42’s powerful agentless software discovery process, organizations can create and maintain a comprehensive, accurate profile of the software deployed on Windows and Linux machines across the entire IT infrastructure — from the server, to the desktop level.

Features include:
  • Compare current discovered count to purchased counts
  • Detect prohibited software
  • Track license agreements and expiration dates
  • Identify purchased vs. installed software
  • Provide customizable notification alerts
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Key Benefits

Device42’s software management functionality provides key organizational benefits:

  • License compliance – Identify over-licensed, unlicensed, and expired licenses
  • Standards assurance – Identify prohibited and approved software
  • Cost management – Report license costs and minimize under-licensed software
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Feature Highlight

Software Management Flexibility

Device42 provides options in the way companies manage their infrastructure software:

  • Select software as ignored – Removes software components from the discovery list and ignores these components in future discoveries
  • Mark software as prohibited – Sends alerts whenever prohibited software is located on the network
  • Assign software to suite – Defines software as part of a software grouping, or “suite”

Comprehensive Licensing Tracking

Device42’s license tracking models provide optimal flexibility in tracking software licenses – making accurate software auditing easier and faster.

Licensing models include:
  • User based – Perpetual or subscription, restricted to specific user, or free software
  • Device or CPU based – Device license count, CPU count (by socket/core/virtual)
  • Client access – Per seat – device, per seat – user, or on a per server, processor, or mailbox basis
  • Key based – Usage counting based on key (as opposed to counting the software component instances)
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Feature Highlight

User-defined Alerts and Notifications

Software license alerting and monitoring allows organizations to create set it, and forget it notifications that make ongoing network software management easy and effective.

Alerting thresholds include:
  • The absolute number of licenses deployed
  • The percentage of licenses deployed
  • Prohibited software deployed
  • Pending and current license expiration