Data Center & OS Migrations

Migrations, big or small, all can carry significant business risk. Botched cut-overs can result in runaway costs and embarrassing downtime. Whether your goal is to migrate to a new facility, to the cloud, or even to a new platform or OS, Device42 has your back.

Hardware & Software Audits

Data center audits come in many different shapes and sizes: finance audits, security audits, risk-related audits, budget cycle audits... And auditing a data center, big or small, can be a daunting task. But they all have one thing in common: Device42 is here to help!

Performance, Security & Incident Response

When a performance issue arises, immediately determine which applications and users are affected.

When a security issue arises, analyze potential downstream impact.

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Capacity Planning & Budgeting

Planning to ensure you've got the capacity to handle both future growth and times of peak transient load, while at the same time keeping costs under control and idle infrastructure to a minimum is a delicate balancing act. Device42 gives you the tools you need to make accurate decisions, which means happy customers, a happy budget, and happy executives.

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IT Automation Software

Your automation tools should have access to data about all your IT assets and their interrelationships. For example, a REST API call to Device42 will return the next available IP or a list of installed software on a device or the location (virtual or physical) of an asset. Device42 webhooks can pump out notifications for virtually any change in your infrastructure. Combined with tools like RunDeck, Puppet, Chef, StackStorm, or Zapier, a DevOps team has everything they need to fully automate IT processes.

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IT Agility Solutions

Both agility and clear visibility are required to execute large changes successfully. Typically a very stressful time for the IT Staff involved, the weight of ensuring all goes as planned rests on their shoulders. Device42 provides the detailed insight into your infrastructure and a clear picture of the inter-dependencies between the many layers of hardware and the business applications it supports, necessary to ensure seamless execution.

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Why Device42?

Intuitive Web-Based Interface

No complicated client installs. No need to spend money on training. Get started in a jiffy by importing the ready-to-go virtual appliance.

Restful APIs and Webhooks

Easy data population from language of your choice using REST APIs. Integrates with AD/LDAP with role based access.

Agentless & Continuous Discovery

Agentless auto-discovery keeps your infrastructure up-to-date becoming a single source of truth.

Integration with other tools

Device42 natively integrates with tools like JIRA, Confluence, ServiceNow, Splunk, Slack, Logstash, Zapier, StackStorm, Ansible, Puppet, Chef and many more.

Industry Recognition

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