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Server Inventory

Server Inventory Management

  • Document the details of every device in your infrastructure
  • Support for multiple device types, physical, virtual, clustered and more
  • Device42’s web based UI is fast and easy to use
  • Access devices from the Device42 Home Page via the devices menu, links, or via search (almost everything is searchable in Device42, and the search box is available at the top of every page).
Device Widget

Device Navigation

  • Navigation in Device42 is a breeze
  • Lists are searchable and columns sortable
  • List filters enable quick and easy drill-down into your device data
  • Add a device
Device Navigation

Device Information

  • Device42 supports all types of devices, including physical, virtual, and clusters
  • One or more attributes may be associated with a given device, e.g.: network switch, fiber switch, blade chassis, virtual host
  • Hardware models are template based, when adding a new device chose and existing hardware template or create a new hardware model on the fly
Device Information

Device Properties

Device Properties
  • Record detailed information about your devices
  • CPU, Memory, HDD and RAID Level
  • Track OS Version and Licensing
  • Assign IP and MAC addresses, another of Device42’s great features is full IPAM functionality – automatically assign next available IP address to your device. No more spreadsheets.
  • Hardware components tracking
  • View and change Network Switch and PDU port connectivity
  • Check out/Assign devices to users
  • Assign and store passwords for your device with 256 bit encryption and control who has access
  • Add device urls and attachments, assign custom values

Auto Discovery

  • Easily pull the information from your Cisco UCS, VMWare, and Citrix Xen environments into Device42
  • Create recurring schedules to keep the data current, select one or multiple days and time of day. Maintain multiple schedule
Auto Discovery

Server Auto-Discovery Client

  • Use the Device42 Auto-Discovery client to discover Windows, Linux, and HyperV systems. The client will discover host name, OS, Manufacturer, Hardware model and serial, processor, memory, and IP configuration
  • Data will be fed directly into your Device42 appliance and correlated with existing data
  • Run as a service and schedule recurring scans
Auto Discovery

Device Contract and Life Cycle Management

  • Track your support contracts and warranty information per device
  • Record contract start and end dates, plus renew by date
  • Never miss a renewal date for your devices, create reports for contract end dates and schedule email notification at 30, 60, or 90 days prior to expiration
  • Record purchase info
  • Track the asset lifecycle with user-defined Type, e.g.: inventory, installed, retired, etc.
  • View asset QR code information, assign QR code profile for automated code generation and association
Device Information

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