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One of the significant advantages of public cloud is the swift deployment of new workloads, but managing and coordinating resources across multiple cloud providers and on-premises infrastructures can be daunting. 

Device42 streamlines hybrid IT infrastructure management by seamlessly integrating its robust on-premises discovery capabilities with Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure environments. Now, you can enjoy comprehensive AWS and Azure inventories and detailed resource metadata across your hybrid setup for simplified management.

Deep Cloud Insights for Effective IT Management

Deep Cloud Discovery

Device42 deep cloud discovery delivers crucial information for seamless troubleshooting and effective IT management, all in a unified view. 

Uncover vital information such as cloud provider configurations, deployed software and services, operating system (OS) specifications, and current patch levels for AWS EC2 and Azure VMs.  Depending on the resource type, additional elements may also be included.

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Complete list of Azure Discovery Items
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Cloud Platforms Autodiscovery

Cloud Technology Discovery

Summary Cloud Discovery

Cloud providers consistently add new resource types to their platform, and there are many cases that do not require deep discovery of cloud resources. 

Device42’s Summary Cloud Discovery ensures you have a complete inventory of your AWS and Azure environments, granting you valuable insights into each cloud platform’s consumption and allowing you to optimize costs and services consumed.

Device42 EnrichAI

Once cloud resources are discovered, Device42 enhances the discovered data by standardizing vendor, operating system (OS), and software names. This improves data accuracy and integrity, reduces data redundancies, streamlines database management, and provides more accurate reporting.

EnrichAI also enhances discovered data with end-of-life (EOL) and end-of-support (EOS) information so that you can make proactive and well-informed decisions to keep your IT infrastructure up-to-date, secure, and compliant.

EnrichAI Graph

Cloud Resource Maps

Device42 Cloud Resource Maps provide a holistic view to understand better the configuration of your AWS and Azure environments by the service provider, account, region/zone, and resource. 

Instead of sifting through a static list, Device42 Cloud Resource Maps provide a clearer and more visual understanding, enabling quicker identification of patterns, dependencies, and potential optimization opportunities.

Virtual Devices

In addition to the comprehensive inventory of AWS and Azure resources, Device42 offers automated discovery of virtual devices across major cloud providers, including: Linode, DigitalOcean, OpenStack, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and standalone Kubernetes.

By seamlessly integrating cloud virtual machines, databases, and storage devices, Device42 enables you to manage them effortlessly alongside other components. You can define application components, store passwords, create custom keys, and perform other essential tasks with ease just like other components in your infrastructure. This unified approach allows for streamlined operations, improved visibility, and enhanced efficiency in managing cloud resources.

Virtual Devices

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Cloud Discovery Features

  • Automated discovery of common resources across Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Deep discovery of over 26+ resource types
  • Complete inventory of assets by service provider/tenant, account, region/zone, and resource type for AWS and Azure
  • Tenant-wide discovery in a single job for AWS, Azure, and GCP

Cloud Resource Map Features

  • View resources added across all providers
  • Search for specific research types or use a versatile wildcard search for alternative options
  • Ability to highlight resources across different regions and service types
  • Ability to drill down into resource records
  • Overview pane for a high-level view of inventory
  • Capability to rotate visualizations both vertically and horizontally

Cloud Recommendation Engine

If and when you are ready to move on-premises workloads to the cloud, Device42 recommends on which cloud to deploy. Recommendations are calculated based on a combination of observed workloads (CPU, RAM, HDD, NIC, etc.), and Device42 Resource Utilization data, if available.

Using this data, the Device42 Cloud Recommendation Engine (CRE) selects appropriately sized, cloud-based targets for each workload for AWS, Azure, Google (GCP), and Oracle, translating on-premises configuration into recommended configurations for the service provider and a rough estimate of costs at the time of configuration based on list pricing.

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