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Cloud Migrations

Without accurate infrastructure and application dependency documentation, undertaking a cloud migration project is risky at best, and sometimes impossible! Device42 automates the planning of your cloud migration, ensuring execution goes off without a hitch.

  • Before: Comprehensive discovery with powerful Application Dependency Mapping populate the built-in CMDB. Auto-discovered information about key interdependencies is leveraged by Affinity Groups to automatically build move groups around each of your core infrastructure services. The Cloud Recommendation Engine then combines all of this with Resource Utilization data gathered from your workloads, offering custom-tailored migration target instance sizing suggestions – with pricing. Everything you need to plan your cloud server migrations, manage your virtual server inventory, and execute your server moves is right at your fingertips.
  • During: Device42 helps you ensure your move to the cloud follows your cloud migration strategy, automatically documenting your migration as you go!
  • After: Webhooks can power your automation, while the RESTful API allows you full access to manipulate your infrastructure data; a wide selections of integrations can help you tackle everything from automated server builds to IPAM to daily ITSM!

Device42 is Your Cloud Migration Companion

A lot of products claim to offer discovery — many however, simply focus on simple ‘portfolio rationalization’, falling far short of providing the actionable data you really need to make complex cloud migration decisions. Device42 is unique in that it takes care of all the behind the scenes complexities you don’t want to deal with, providing exactly the data you’re looking for.

  • Lean on Device42 before, during, and after your cloud migration
  • Decide the best migration path for your legacy systems
  • Rely on Device42’s true discovery and Application Dependency Mapping for accurate, actionable data
  • Services Discovery finds all services, running or not, users, protocols & ports, and list services by device or user, and devices by service
  • Advanced Software discovery provides configuration files, registry information, file system permissions, and software to service relationships
  • Enjoy automated migration planning with Affinity Groups, Resource Utilization, and Cloud Recommendation Engine – the ultimate cloud migration planning toolkit
  • Check Visual Application Impact & Topology diagrams and charts for each of your Affinity Groups to view key relationships between applications, hardware components (rack, server, device, etc.), and facilities
  • Consult Application Dependency Flow diagrams to visualize application to device relationships and service dependencies, and impact lists for application-to-server and application-to-application mappings

When your cloud migration is nearing completion, launch (or re-schedule!) an auto-discovery. Device42 will automatically map out everything that’s changed, and you can then quickly verify that all changes appear as they should!

Comprehensive Auto-Discovery Tools Load CIs Fast

  • Comprehensive, Native Agentless Device Discovery and Cloud Discovery
    • Native WMI for Windows & SSH for *nix, BSD, and Mac
    • SNMP for network devices like routers, switches, and load balancers
    • Native Discovery for popular cloud platforms, hypervisors and their guest VMs, blades
      • Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure
      • Openstack, Joyent
      • Linode, OutScale
  • Discoveries can be scheduled or run on demand
  • NetFlow and nmap: No complicated span ports necessary, ever!

Powerful Visualizations: Ensure no Detail is Overlooked

Device42 automatically generates dependency flow diagrams, charts, and list views that identify the relationships and interdependencies between devices, servers, applications, and application components

  • See the services that are listening, on what ports, and all open ports on each server
  • Discover data on servers that can’t be accessed directly with netflow and NMAP
DNS Integration

Device42: Your ‘Swiss Army Knife’ for the Cloud!

    • The Application Dependency Mapping (ADM) module discovers relationships and sorts out application dependencies
    • The Affinity Groups builds ‘move groups’ around your key core services, automatically
    • The Resource Utilization module monitors your workload resource usages, feeding that data to Cloud Recommendation Engine
    • The Cloud Recommendation Engine provides cloud instance recommendations for AWS and Microsoft Azure based on your actual workloads (instance sizing + pricing info)
    • The IPAM module maps the entire network: Subnets, VLANs, and the underlying IP addresses
    • The Software License Management module (SLM) Uncovers under- or over-licensed software
    • The Enterprise Password Management vault provides access to existing server’s credentials, and securely generates and stores passwords and SSH keys
    • The Device42 CMDB is a single source of truth for your infrastructure!
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