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Server Room Management

Server Room Layout

  • Manage and visualize your data center room layout with ease
  • Add new objects by dragging & dropping from the object palette
  • Move existing objects with drag & drop
  • Quickly expand or contract room grid with simple zoom in/out controls
  • Mouse-over for object summary and access to object details, layout, power/utilization, and the rotate object orientation action
  • Device42 is a web based solution that works with all popular browsers
Room Layout

Interactive Room Layout

Server Room Layout

Allows for quick and easy adds, moves, and changes!

Color-Coded Rack Space Availability

Rack space utilization is color-coded enabling quick assessment of rack space availability.

Color Code Availability

Color-Coded Power Conditions

  • With the add-on Power Monitoring Module, view and track real-time power utilization per object
  • High and Critical power thresholds are user-defined, default settings are 70% and 80% respectively
Color Code Conditions

Rack Diagrams

  • Leverage the power of visualization by viewing your rack documentation in a web based diagram
  • Mouse-over for device summary, access links to object details, impact chart
  • Mouse-over a chassis and see the blades installed with links to the blade device details
  • Device42 is a web based solution that works with all popular browsers
  • Support for 1/2 depth and back to back devices
  • Show PDUs in and/or around the rack
  • Show filler panels, patch panels
  • See available U space
Rack Layout

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