Microsoft LAPS Integration with Device42

Microsoft Local Admin Password Solution (LAPS) Integration

Take advantage of the Device42 - LAPS integration to leverage passwords stored in Active Directory for Device42 discovery!

If you're currently taking advantage of Microsoft LAPS to generate and/or store member server passwords in AD, the Device42-LAPS integration enables Device42 to use these credentials for discovery.

Choose from a default LDAP filter, or use a custom query!

Enable Device42 access to Microsoft LAPS credentials stored in Active Directory.

Leverage the Device42/MS LAPS integration to retrieve these credentials from Active Directory. Simply plug in your LDAP query/filter, and you're ready to discover!

Once enabled, a simple checkbox is all it takes to leverage MS LAPS for Windows discovery!

Take advantage of secure LAPS credentials for Device42 discovery.

It’s simple and it's powerful. Enable the Microsoft LAPS integration, and leverage secure, AD-generated random passwords for Windows-based discovery.

Your credentials remain in Active Directory, and are retreived from the domain controller on-demand. Now, you can programatically authenticate to AD member servers as needed!

Connect Device42 to your Microsoft LAPS-enabled Active Directory deployment today!

It's quick and easy. Let MS LAPS generate and securely store your server credentials. Passwords are not viewable in Device42, but are available for use as needed!