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Affinity Groups – Automatic Move Groups

Planning for your next maintenance or migration has never been easier. Device42’s automatic Affinity Groups uses auto-discovered infrastructure dependency information to calculate migration-ready move-groups around your key infrastructure services.

  • Auto-generate complete move groups
  • Automatic nightly refreshes
  • View historical affinity groups to understand infrastructure changes over time
  • Simply `Pin` key services and affinity groups are automatically generated
  • Impact Charts minimize noise and highlight the connection info you care about
  • Affinity group impact charts 30-days of the most relevant connection activity
  • Database services are ‘Pinned’ automatically
  • Fully customizable dataset driven by powerful, editable stored DOQL
  • See all affinity groups a device is a part of on the device view page
Affinity Groups

Automatic Move Groups

Device42 generates move groups for all your core, ‘pinned’ infrastructure services

  • Simply ‘pin’ important services with a click
  • Database services are pinned automatically when discovered
  • Move groups are re-generated nightly
  • Never miss a dependency again
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Select Doql

Fully Customizable DOQL Data-set

Device42’s Affinity Groups leverages a completely customizable stored DOQL query.

  • Modify the stored DOQL query to customize your Affinity Groups data-set
  • See all devices in each affinity group
  • No filter limitations with optional DOQL query post-processing

View Any Historical Affinity Group

Previous affinity group impact charts are saved when re-generated.

  • Device42 saves nightly affinity groups, providing an affinity group ‘audit trail’
  • See and understand how dependencies have changed over time
  • No re-calculation required when viewing historical affinity groups
View Trrimed
Affinity Tags

Granular Affinity Group Customizations

Leverage powerful options to ensure your affinity groups are simply perfect.

  • Add tags and even your own custom fields to your affinity groups
  • Re-Arrange the affinity group display, and your changes are automatically remembered
  • Visualize Application Componenets
  • The “Ignore client connections” flag hides connections you don’t want to see!