Open Source Projects

Service Integration Scripts

ansible_device42Scripts to generate static inventory file or generate dynamic inventory for ansible from Device42 data
st2contribStackStorm / Device42 integration pack.
Sync-From-InfobloxThe script reads data from Infoblox IPAM and keeps D42 up to date.
rundeck-device42-nodes-pluginDevice42 Rundeck Resource plugin allows to collect nodesets from the Device42 instance and set them up as the node sets for particular projects in Rundeck.
SolarwindsWHDSend CI data from Device42 to Solarwinds Web Help Desk.
splunk_to_device42Helper tool to sync Splunk data into Device42.
servicenow_device42_mappingSync data between ServiceNow and Device42(Bi-directional).
device42_to_servicenow_expressSync data from Device42 to ServiceNow Express.
chef_to_device42_sync_pyThis script takes the node(s) data from Chef server and sends to Device42 instance.
d42-puppet-encManage Puppet Node Classes from Device42.
puppet_to_device42_sync_pySync Puppet data into Device42.
puppet_to_device42_sync_pySync data from Foreman into Device42.
salt_to_device42_syncSync data from Salt into Device42.

Data Migration Scripts

OpenDCIM-to-Device42-MigrationOpenDCIM to Device42 migration script.
Racktables-to-Device42-MigrationMigrate your Racktables data into Device42.
RackMonkey-to-Device42-MigrationMigrate your RackMonkey data into Device42.
SolarWinds_IPAM_to_Device42_MigrationMigrate your subnets and IPs from Solarwinds IPAM to Device42.
RedBeam_Asset_Inventory-to-Device42-MigrationMigrate RedBeam assets to Device42.
phpIPAM2Device42Migrate phpIPAM IP inventory into Device42.

Device42 API Samples

API_HelpersAPI Helper utilities to make it easy to upload data via RESTful APIs to Device42.
Misc_D42_Python_ScriptsMiscellaneous Python scripts that interact with Device42 APIs.
Device42_API_Java_SampleSample Java code to show how to access Device42 APIs.
D42-PowerShell-SamplesExample script for running Windows PowerShell scripts against the Device42 APIs.
d42-java-clientThis is a Java client for working with Device42 API.
demo-data-shell-scriptsShell/bash scripts to load demo data to Device42 instance..
D42-Ruby-SamplesRuby samples.

Inventory & Discovery

Open-Discovery-ClientC# .NET based Open discovery client to enumerate network objects in an Excel spreadsheet.
nix_bsd_mac_inventoryCollect Inventory data from *Nix, BSD and mac OS and upload to Device42.
Device42-AutoDiscovery-ScriptsPython scripts to help auto-discover devices on the network, and upload to Device42 appliance using APIs. Script for windows, linux and puppet master..
Warranty_checkPython script to pull warranty information from Dell, HP, IBM and Lenovo.

Health Check

Device42-Nagios-Health-CheckDevice42 Health Checks in Nagios.
Device42-Zabbix-Monitoring-TemplateDevice42 Health Checks in Zabbix.

Misc. Sample Scripts

AutoDiscoverIgnoreFilesFiles that specify what to ignore during the auto-discovery process.
ResetDevice42DataThis clears existing data in Device42. Use for reset only. Limited to certain categories for now.
traceroute_tagsThis script will run traceroute against IPs and/or devices in the Device42 CMDB, tagging each with the result accoring to configured options.
jira-oauth-access-token-generatorA tool to generate JIRA OAuth1 access token.