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Boost Data Integrity
with Device42 EnrichAI

Accessing data solely from your infrastructure overlooks valuable insights from vendors and trusted sources to enhance IT operations management.

Device42 enriches your data using artificial intelligence (AI) and data from third-party sources to standardize, normalize, and provide actionable insights. Armed with this intelligence, you can boost IT efficiency and drive success across your business.

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EnrichAI Tackles the Challenges of
Inconsistent and Incomplete CI Data

Mitigate Risks

With Device42 EnrichAI, you can effortlessly manage your operating system (OS) and software lifecycle, dodging the headaches associated with End-of-Life (EOL) and End-of-Support (EOS). By understanding these critical dates, you’ll keep all versions up-to-date, minimizing disruptions and security risks. Now, patching for system security and stability becomes a breeze.

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Control Costs

Keeping track of software licenses becomes complex when IT departments use different names for the same software, leading to duplicate entries in your inventory. EnrichAI standardizes naming conventions, aiding in the identification of duplicate or underutilized software, while also strengthening vendor negotiations for potential cost-saving opportunities.

Reduce Costs

Improve MTTR

When an IT issue arises, it’s all hands on deck. With Device42 EnrichAI, by standardizing naming conventions and enriching the data with valuable information, your IT Service Management (ITSM) team has more information and a clear understanding to quickly identify the issue and resolve it fast to minimize disruptions.

EnrichAI Improves MTTR

Enhance Governance and Audits

Device42 EnrichAI eliminates the stress of internal, vendor, or regulatory audits, turning potential headaches into smooth sailing. When software licenses are tracked using different methods and data is extracted from multiple sources, compliance and audit challenges become trickier. EnrichAI standardizes and enriches your data, reducing errors and inconsistencies. This makes compliance efforts smoother and audits more streamlined with AI-based insights reporting.

EnrichAI for Governance and Audits
Device42 EnrichAI

EnrichAI Key Features

  • Augmented Intelligence enhances data quality and consistency by automatically standardizing and unifying diverse attributes across multiple data sources.
  • Continuous Updates provide ongoing standardization and enrichment of data in the data catalog so that when a discovery is initiated, EnrichAI ensures that the data is promptly updated in your instance.
  • Enriched Data Views for OS and vendor names are displayed on vendor view pages.
  • Easily Access Enriched Data information through reports, Device42 API, and DOQLs (Device42 Object Query Language) in both the vendor and device OS DOQL views.

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