Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Software

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Data Center Management

Interactive and Intuitive

Device42’s powerful data center infrastructure management (DCIM) capabilities have revolutionized the way IT departments manage their data centers.

With powerful data center visualization tools, IT staff now have access to intelligent data center diagrams that accurately reflect their IT environment.

Server Room Layout

Data Center Room Layouts

Powerful DCIM features make it easy to model data center layouts. Map buildings, rooms, and individual racks visually with powerful drag and drop editors.

  • Drag & drop objects
  • Easily change rack orientation
  • Hover over for a quick view of object details
  • Select an object to jump to its page
  • Heat maps offer at-a-glance availability
Server Room Layout
Web-based rack layouts with drag and drop

Auto-generate Rack Diagrams

Device42’s rack diagrams make manual drawings and spreadsheet records a thing of the past. Creating accurate rack diagrams is now fast and easy!

  • Support for ½-U and ½-depth devices
  • Model filler panels alongside populated patch panels
  • See available rack units and auto-locate the next available slot
  • Mount PDUs both in and around the rack
  • Drag and drop objects between racks

IT Patch Panel Management

Visualize IT patch panel connections and with Device42 software. Manage structured cabling with easy data entry via UI or APIs and update back connectivity using bulk operations.

  • Hover over images to see full connectivity paths
  • Color coded for easier planning
  • Hover over object details
  • Select for object page
  • Heat maps availability
Web-based rack layouts with drag and drop
Web-based rack layouts with drag and drop

Detailed Device Information

Document physical, virtual, blade, clustered, and more! Record server processing power and connection properties along with asset tags, serial numbers, and support information. Robust integration with built-in IPAM.

  • Complete device details
  • CPU, memory HDD, IP & MAC address
  • Hardware components
  • Connectivity, including network, switch, and PDU ports
  • Check out/assign to users and categorize per customer/department
  • Add device URLs and any custom values

Manage Spare Parts

Easily manage IT spare parts hardware inventory. Track what spares are in use or check out spares for deployment.

  • Supports CPU, RAM, HDD and customizable hardware components
  • Manage devices globally and/or by individual device(s)
  • Sort and view inventory by custom criteria
Manage Spare Parts
Power & Thermal Management

Power & Thermal Management

Power and thermal management in the data center has never been easier. Using Device42 software, data center managers can anticipate and avoid thermal- and power-related problems with proactive real-time and historical management capabilities:

  • Instant power monitoring from supported PDUs using SNMP
  • Track historical power and thermal data
  • Power estimation for servers
  • Better capacity planning
  • (Add-on module – additional cost)

Automated Data Center Management

Automate data center management with a variety of auto-discovery tools for network, physical, or virtual infrastructures. Use powerful REST APIs to integrate with other tools and keep accurate data center documentation.

Automated Data Center Management
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