Data Center Documentation and IT Infrastructure Management

Data Center Documentation

Device42’s powerful data center documentation software makes it easier for IT teams to manage their IT infrastructure.

Intuitive tools make it easy to get a handle on your entire IT deployment:

Features SNMP Discovery

Server Room Layouts With Availability Heatmaps

With powerful data center visualization tools, IT staff enjoy access to accurate, intelligent server room diagrams.
  • Drag & drop objects
  • Easily change rack orientation
  • Hover for details
  • Select to jump to the object page
  • Heat maps show availability

Rack Elevation Documentation

Managing data center racks has never been easier or more accurate! Device42’s automatically generated rack diagrams make manual drawings and spreadsheet records a thing of the past. Features include:
  • Support for ½ U devices
  • Back to back devices(½ depth)
  • Show filler panels, patch panels
  • See available rack units
  • Show PDUs in and around the rack
  • Drag and drop objects between racks
  • Find next available slot
Password Generator

Cable Management For Both Network And Power Connections

With Device42 software, keeping track of your patch panel cable connections is fast, easy, and accurate. Device42 removes cable management complexity and increases the visibility, control, and efficiency of data center cable management.

  • Manage your patch panels efficiently and effectively
  • Support templates for fiber, Ethernet, or any patch panel type
  • Load cabling data using spreadsheet imports
  • Manage cabling data using easy-to-use web-based GUI
  • Visualize end-to-end connectivity using patch panel layouts
  • Quickly determine port availability and port status

Power And Energy Management

Using Device42 software, data center managers can anticipate and avoid thermal- and power-related problems with proactive real-time and historical management capabilities:

  • Instant power monitoring from supported PDUs using SNMP
  • Track historical power and thermal data
  • Power estimation for servers
  • Better capacity planning
  • Power On/Off PDU outlets for supported models
DNS Integration

Device Contract and Life Cycle Management

  • Track your support contracts and warranty information per device
  • Record contract start and end dates, plus renew by dates
  • Never miss a renewal date for your devices, create reports for contract end dates and schedule email notifications at 30, 60, or 90 days prior to expiration
  • View asset QR code information, assign QR code profile for automated code generation and association

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