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Accelerate Cloud Migration with Device42 & AWS

Avoiding Risk with Comprehensive Infrastructure
and Application Discovery

Cloud migration is often slow and prone to risk by lack of visibility and documentation of existing data center infrastructure and applications. Gaining this visibility is especially difficult in complex and highly secure environments.

Device42 in partnership with AWS accelerates cloud transformation by providing comprehensive infrastructure visibility, before, during and after migration. Device42 automatically and agentlessly discovers everything in your IT estate – from legacy (mainframes, AS/400), to virtual (VMWare, HyperV), to the latest in cloud (Kubernetes, Docker). It also provides visibility into enterprise storage including EMC, NetApp, IBM, Hitachi, HP, Oracle, and more.

Device42 allows you to easily create migration move groups. Once discovered, you are able to automatically identify and see application dependencies and communication pathways, which allows you to create custom business application move groups – that combines organizational knowledge with automatic discovery, making the migration easy and reducing the risk to the business.

See cost estimates before the move. Device42 also provides AWS infrastructure recommendations and cost estimates based on existing resource utilization. Device42 integrates with native AWS solutions including AWS Migration Evaluator, CloudEndure Disaster Recovery, and Migration Hub.

Device42 offers flexible deployment options including VMware, Hyper-V, AWS AMI and many others. By default, discovered data remains safe and secure on the virtual appliances within your estate. Device42 is also a Public Sector Partner as well as a member of the AWS ISV Accelerate program.

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How Discovery Can Help with Your Cloud Migration

Automated and agentless discovery of all infrastructure in one place.

Application dependency mapping to ensure apps work pre and post-migration.

Direct integration with AWS Migration Evaluator, Cloud Endure, and Migration Hub.

Cloud Right-Sizing and Optimization

Resource Utilization (RU) gathers statistics on a machine’s Disk, Network I/O, CPU and memory utilization over time.

Device42 maps on-premises servers to AWS EC2 instances based on each server’s specific usage patterns.

Planned migration and move groups made easy with Device42 Business Applications.

Change Management

Get continuous, automatic mapping of all infrastructure.

Application mapping makes it easy to understand key dependencies.

Integrated directly with 30+ other IT tool sets including configuration management (Ansible, Puppet, Chef) and ITSM solutions (ServiceNow, Jira Service Desk, Freshservice).


Device42 Discover

Complete Visibility of Your Infrastructure

Device42 discovers everything — from legacy (mainframes, AS/400), to virtual (VMWare, HyperV), to the latest in cloud (Kubernetes, Docker).

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Secure and Private

You control your discovery data. Device42 is deployed on-premises with no data leaving your organization.

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Direct Integration into AWS Deliver

Device42 provides AWS recommendations and costs before you move, and directly integrates with AWS Migration Hub.

Device42 partners qualify for free access to detailed product information, training, and official certification. Contact us for more information on Device42 certification.

Key Features

Discovery Dashboard

Automatic Service Impact Discovery

Device42 makes AWS migration simple by auto-discovering everything from legacy to newer systems, highlighting dependencies between your physical, virtual and application layers – All with a single tool!
Resource Dashboard

Application Dependency Flow with Lists and Charts

AWS migrations proceed smoothly with Device42. Selecting AWS migration groups is a breeze when you know the impacts and interdependency details of all of your applications.
Resource Dashboard
Storage Dashboard

Powerful Visualizations, Reporting and APIs

Easily build move groups, automate AWS migration tasks, or report on any dependency data in your desired format, whether it is Excel, CSV, or a direct database connection. Flexible APIs let you consume your data your way or integrate Device42 with other products.

Device42 in Action

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Learn how Device42 powers a fast, informed migration to AWS. Minimize downtime and build value.

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