PowerBI Integration with Device42

Connect PowerBI to Device42 via ODBC

Combine the business analytics prowess of PowerBI with Device42’s comprehensive CMDB for unmatched business intelligence!

Power BI is a business analytics solution that lets you visualize your data and share insights across your organization. Use this Device42 ODBC connector to link PowerBI directly to your Device42 CMDB -- and bring your data to life!

PowerBI ODBC Integration

Connect PowerBI directly to Device42 with ODBC

If you're already a PowerBI user, you're in luck. Forget about manually exporting and re-importing Device42 data - Access it directly with Device42's ODBC driver!

PowerBI ODBC Integration

Bring your Device42 data to life with PowerBI

PowerBI is well known for it's powerful business intelligence, and its live dashboards and reports. Create, publish, and share reports that your end-users can then access from anywhere!

You can now quickly and easily integrate Device42 data into PowerBI dashboards and/or reports, you'll be viewing your Device42 data in a whole new light in no-time!

Extract valuable business intelligence from your Device42 CMDB, and more!

You’ve already got accurate details about your entire IT infrastructure in Device42. Leverage this data in PowerBI to extract every ounce of business insight it holds.

Plus, get more from your collaborative efforts. Share custom dashboards and interactive reports, now with Device42 data in PowerBI.