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Getting Started with Device42

Introduction to Device42

An overview of Device42’s capabilities, features, and use-cases.

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Step 1: Download and install

Download and install Device42 to your hypervisor of choice.

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Step 2: Some quick configuration

Once you’re deployed, head over to the console to set your network settings.

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Step 3: Let’s go discover

Setup your discoveries to find your Windows & Linux servers, network infrastructure, cloud footprint and application topologies.

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Step 4: Take a look around

The Devices section will have all of your hypervisors, VMs, network equipment and other autodiscovered infrastructure.

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Step 5: Success

You should see your devices start coming in to Device42 as discoveries run. Start to see the relationships Device42 autodiscovers, and enrich them with tags, custom fields and other information valuable to your organization.

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Step 6: Reporting and extracting data

Take advantage of Device42’s built in BI reporting and included reports to start reporting on Device42 discovery.

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Step 7: Summary and closing thoughts

Documentation, integrations, and where to go from here.

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