Getting Started with Device42 - Device42

Getting Started with Device42

Getting Started

STEP 0: Device42 Architectural Overview


STEP 1: Main Appliance Configuration


STEP 2: Main Appliance Password Management


STEP 3: Remote Collector Configuration


STEP 4: Windows Discovery Service Installation


STEP 5: Creating a Windows Discovery Job


STEP 6: Creating a Linux Discovery Job


STEP 8: Creating an SNMP Discovery job


STEP 9: Reports DOQL API Overview


Best Practices

Best Practices: Initial Discovery with Device42


Best Practices: Tagging


Best Practices: Virtual Machine Discovery


Best Practices: Unprocessed Records


Best Practices: Device42 Import/Export Feature


Best Practices: Identifying Software Usage and Tracking


Ensuring Success Using Audit History on Discovery Jobs


Ensuring Success with ADM License Usage and Management



Main Appliance Update




Introduction to Device42 Insights+


Certificate Discovery

Deep Insights and Analysis

Cloud Visibility

Application Integrations

Personalize Your Brand

Container Discovery

FaaS Discovery

Warranty Sync

Advanced Reporting