Getting Started with Device42 - Device42

Getting Started with Device42

Getting Started

STEP 0: Device42 Architectural Overview


STEP 1: Main Appliance Configuration


STEP 2: Main Appliance Password Management


STEP 3: Remote Collector Configuration


STEP 4: Windows Discovery Service Installation


STEP 5: Creating a Windows Discovery Job


STEP 6: Creating a Linux Discovery Job


STEP 8: Creating an SNMP Discovery job


STEP 9: Reports DOQL API Overview


Ensuring Success

Ensuring Success with Standard Reports

Ensuring Success with Device42 Discovery Hub

Ensuring Success with Application Dependency Mapping Part Two of Two

Ensuring Success with Application Dependency Mapping Part One of Two

Ensuring Success with AppFocus Filters

Ensuring Success with Cloud Discovery

Ensuring Success with AutoClean Rules

Ensuring Success with LifeCycle Events

Ensuring Success with ADM License Usage and Management


Introduction to Ensuring Success with Insights+

Ensuring Success Using Audit History on Discovery Jobs


Being Successful with Device42 – ServiceNow Integration The Basics

Best Practices: Identifying Software Usage and Tracking


Best Practices: Device42 Import/Export Feature


Best Practices: Unprocessed Records


Best Practices: Virtual Machine Discovery


Best Practices: Tagging


Best Practices: Initial Discovery with Device42



Main Appliance Update




Introduction to Device42 Insights+


Certificate Discovery

Deep Insights and Analysis

Cloud Visibility

Application Integrations

Personalize Your Brand

Container Discovery

FaaS Discovery

Warranty Sync

Advanced Reporting