Jenkins Integration with Device42

Device42 - Jenkins Credentials Integration

Leverage passwords and other secrets from Device42’s Secrets module in your Jenkins-powered automation!

Jenkins-Device42 credentials integration

Integrate Jenkins with Device42 and Leverage Existing Stored Secrets in your Processes!

With the Device42/Jenkins integration, you can extend Device42's secure password/secret storage to Jenkins. The integration securely retrieves your credentials while Jenkins handles timing and manages processes execution.

Forget about updating saved passwords in multiple places. Simply update Device42, the integration pulls the updated credentials automatically.

Enjoy centralized, secure password management with the Device42 credentials plugin for Jenkins!

Pull passwords into Jenkins from the secure Device42 secrets store.

Easily add New Credentials or Pass Existing Credentials from Device42 to Jenkins

Authenticate all around your infrastructure:

Servlet containers like Apache Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss, or your favorite java-servlet. Version control systems: AccuRev, CVS, Subversion, Git, Mercurial. Execute: Apache Ant, Maven, or sbt -based projects., Shell scripts, Windows Batch commands, and more!

Jenkins workflows automated with credentials from Device42.

Secure Jenkins-based Workflows!

By leveraging the Device42-Jenkins integration to pull credentials [passwords/secrets/etc.] from Device42, you eliminate the need to embed credentials in plaintext within your automation.

Protect passwords to your repositories, your build servers, etc. - even SSH certificates with Device42!

Start leveraging your securely-stored Device42 credentials in Jenkins today!

If you aren’t already a Device42 user, download a free 30-day trial NOW!

See the Device42-Jenkins integration documentation, see our documentation here.

If you run into any unexpected behavior, bugs, or otherwise have questions, comments, or feature requests, feel free to reach out to