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CyberArk Integration with Device42

CyberArk Password Management Integration

Easily leverage secrets and passwords stored in your CyberArk secure password vault within Device42 today!

If you use CyberArk for password / secrets management, the Device42-CyberArk integration allows Device42 to securely utilize these credentials by retrieving them from CyberArk.

Connect Your CyberArk Vault to Device42

The Device42/CyberArk integration allows Device42 to securely retrieve these credentials while CyberArk continues to provide the secure secrets management you’re used to.


Use CyberArk Credentials for Device42 Discovery

It’s as easy as adding a password. Simply choosing “CyberArk” as the password storage method to create a reference to that password.

Your credentials remain in CyberArk, and are retrieved by Device42 on-demand, only when needed!

Connect your CyberArk vault to Device42 today!

It’s quick and easy. Let CyberArk continue to keep your credentials secure, and perform password rotations per corporate policies and industry guidelines. Passwords remain in CyberArk, and are not viewable in Device42.

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