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Foreman Integration with Device42

Device42’s Integration with Foreman

Quickly and easily discover and sync node information from Foreman to Device42

Foreman is a lifecycle management tool for both physical and virtual servers. It provides a powerful toolset that helps to automate repetitive server management tasks. With the Device42’s Foreman Integration, you can now pull information about your devices directly from the tool you use to provision them.

The Device42 / Foreman Integration can gather the following attributes from The Foreman:

  • Hostname
  • Virtual or Physical
  • Operating System
  • IP / Network Address
  • Memory Size (MB)
  • CPU Count (Physical)
  • Operating System Version
  • Gateway
  • FQDN
  • CPU Core Count
  • MAC Address
  • Subnet Mask
  • Disks
  • CPU Model
  • Network Interfaces

See Your Foreman Configuration Data in Device42

You can have the Device42-Foreman integration up in running in minutes flat. From that point on, any time your Foreman configuration is changed Device42 can automatically sync changes too!


Visualize your Deployments with Device42’s Topology Views

Quickly understand your entire deployment. Seeing your infrastructure devices, applications, services, and connections mapped out in easy to understand dependency and topology charts.

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