Jira Service Desk Integration with Device42

Enhance your ITSM by connecting Atlassian's Jira Service Desk to the Device42 enterprise CMDB!

The Enterprise CMDB for Jira Service Desk. Comprehensive Discovery + Visualizations, Automation, Integrations, RESTful APIs and webhooks! #ADM,DCIM,ITAM,ITSM,IPAM.

This free plugin connects your enterprise CMDB to Jira Service Desk. Create & associate Jira tickets right from Device42, see all tickets associated with an asset, and attach assets from Jira tickets!

Create New Jira Service Desk tickets from Device42!

See attached Jira Service Desk Issues right from any Device42 CI, and create new ones with a single click, as well!

Simply select “Add Jira Issue” and you are on your way! Similar to creating a ticket within Jira Service Desk, but conveniently within Device42. The newly created ticket is then both linked and immediately viewable in Jira Service Desk.

Create a new Jira Service Desk tickets right from Device42
Link CMDB items to Jira Service Desk ITSM

Link CMDB Items to Existing Jira Issues

Once the Device42 add-on is installed, users can link any of their IT assets right from the Device42 CMDB to tickets in Jira Service Desk.

From the Device42 side, users can view the entire ITSM ticket history for any CI, or can even create a brand new Jira service ticket!

See Device42 Assets on Jira Service Desk tickets

Once the Device42 CMDB Add-on is installed to Jira Service Desk, users can see details from Device42 (e.g. timestamps, device type, and service status, and more) for that CI in Jira. Similarly, see the associated info for other CI types.

Staff can quickly identify associated IT assets and direct troubleshooting efforts, and can click device name links to jump to full CI details in Device42.

View Device42 CI details in Jira service Desk tickets
Easy Jira Servce Desk Installation

Easy Installation

Simply head over to integrations to enable Jira Service Desk integration, and install from the atlassian marketplace. Device42's Jira Service Desk add-on is ready for use in seconds!

Get the most out of your ITSM with Jira Service Desk + Device42

Ready to get started: Device42 Jira Service Desk docs

Looking for Device42’s Jira Server-based Integration? Get it here

Users can download the Jira Device42 connector from the Atlassian Marketplace