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Enhance the Quality and Integrity of Data in Freshservice with Device42

Freshservice powered by Device42 provides a mature configuration management database (CMDB) with the most advanced, hybrid discovery solution integrated within your IT service desk. The CMDB is continuously updated with deep discovery of physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure components from legacy technologies to the latest cloud containers, and everything in between.

Gain complete visibility of your IT environment

IT organizations need detailed, accurate visibility into IT assets and their relationships to each other, which manual discovery cannot provide. Device42 is the most comprehensive, agentless discovery and dependency mapping platform for hybrid IT. It discovers, maps, and provides insights to optimize infrastructure and applications across data centers and public clouds with an accurate, up-to-date view of your entire IT ecosystem.

Device Relation

Improve Incident Response Time

Resolve IT issues faster with comprehensive, accurate, and detailed data with every Freshworks ITSM ticket. 

  • Natively available data in Freshservice. 
  • Always up-to-date data.
  • Data that can be used by other Freshworks workflows.

Reduce Change Management Risk

Device42 helps IT teams reduce the risk of moves, adds, and changes with complete visibility of your IT environment to accurately assess the impact of proposed changes to plan and implement them more effectively.

  • Visualizations that shows the relationships and dependencies between resources.
  • Automatically updates your CMDB with the results of a change.
  • Single-source-of-truth enables collaboration on changes and depicts the impact of changes.
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Add device to incident

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Device42 empowers Freshservice users with a single-source-of-truth and comprehensive view of their IT estate, fostering collaboration across teams and enabling superior service delivery to customers.


  • Device42 intelligently consolidates, normalizes, and categorizes data from multiple sources in one database from on-premise, hybrid or cloud resources. 
  • Users can directly select and attach Device42 configuration items (CIs) to their Freshservice request, ticket, or issue.
  • All Device42 data is available in Freshservice without having to leave the platform.

Improve ITAM

Device42 provides a comprehensive and accurate inventory of hardware, software, and other IT assets to effectively and efficiently manage and track these assets throughout their lifecycle.


  • Device42 automates many of the manual processes to ensure data accuracy.
  • Data includes Data Center, Network, and End User devices as well as Business Applications with all relevant relationships.
  • Device42 intelligently consolidates multiple sources of data that have varying levels of device details into one record.
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