Zapier Integration with Device42

Device42 Integration with Zapier

Zapier is a powerful workflow automation with a simple if-this-then-that user interface. It makes workflow automation easier by enabling changes to your infrastructure to happen based on predefined “triggers” that can occur anywhere across your environment.

Working with Device42 in Zapier

  • Configuring webhooks to trigger actions within your "Zaps"
  • Retrieving data from Device42 into your Zaps
  • Sending data from your Zaps to Device42
Integration with Zapier

Or do all three in a single “Zap”!

For example, a webhook generated by Device42 can trigger an action that upon completion updates a field within Device42! The possibilities are nearly limitless, and it’s really easy to get started! Zapier has hundreds of pre-built “actions” that can be set to execute upon receipt of a webhook from Device42.

Push or Pull

Zapier can utilize the always up-to-date, continuously discovered information in your Device42 CMDB. Device42 serves Zapier both as a source of data via its REST APIs, and a source of automation triggers via Device42’s powerful webhooks facilities.

Webhooks can kick off jobs across your organization in response to device, network, software, and application additions, deletions, or changes.

Integration with Zapier

Automation With Device42’s Webhooks

Webhooks are a way for one application to provide another application with near-realtime data updates. Webhooks efficiently deliver a multitude of data to other applications as soon as an event triggers them.

Device42’s webhook functionality makes endless automation scenarios a reality with Zapier.

Integration with Zapier

Device42 + Zapier for efficient automation

A webhook can be configured to trigger, for example, upon detection of a new IP on the network, or when a device is modified within Device42.

Rules can be configured within Zapier to trigger most any action you desire upon receiving the webhook.

Integration with Zapier

Automate Everything

From Ticket Creation to Fault Recovery

A message could be triggered to go out to the communication system of your choice, or a ticket could be automatically created in your ITSM system to record work done or work to be done.

Automation could also immediate failover to a backup instance if a service is detected to be in an anomalous state, bolstering the fault-tolerance of your infrastructure.

Integration with Zapier

Never before has automation been this easy

No Installation or Configuration Necessary!

Zapier requires no installation. It is a web-based SaaS solution and all configuration is done through your web browser once you’ve signed up for an account. Sign in at and start creating “Zaps” today!