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Join our live group demo and see how full hybrid IT
discovery & dependency mapping enables you to:

• Resolve outages 10x faster

• Accelerate compliance audit readiness by 85%

• Consolidate & reduce data center cost by 30%

• Gain average ROI of 4.8x

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Conquer Your Greatest IT Challenges with Device42
Hybrid IT Discovery & Dependency Mapping

Drive Operational Efficiency and Slash Costs

Device42’s automated, comprehensive hybrid IT infrastructure discovery pinpoints over-provisioned or under-utilized assets, redundant software, and data center power and thermal issues, providing insights into existing resources and usage. This data enables you to accurately forecast future needs, optimize resource allocation, and ensure smooth operations, safeguarding your bottom line.

Slash Costs

Master Compliance and
Ace Audits

Device42 offers a comprehensive, continuously up-to-date view of assets across your entire hybrid IT infrastructure with the power to see how these assets are connected and rely on each other. This comprehensive visibility demonstrates adherence to compliance controls and significantly streamlines the audit process, securing your never-ending audit readiness.

Ace Audits

Reduce Power Consumption and Lower CO

Device42 automatically uncovers energy-intensive IT assets, detects inefficiencies, and meticulously tracks CO₂ emissions across applications, customers, vendors, and locations. Harnessing this data, Device42 benchmarks your performance, which empowers you to make informed, data-driven decisions to reduce power consumption on your path to carbon neutrality.

Quash CO2

Elevate IT Service Management and Shrink Downtime

Transform your IT Service Management (ITSM) with Device42’s cutting-edge Discovery & Dependency Mapping solution. Device42 elevates your ITSM to enterprise-level asset and configuration management, offering advanced insights into business applications, storage, and unmatched dependency mapping capabilities not commonly found in native ITSM discovery tools to maximize uptime.

Minimize Downtime

Visualize Dependencies and
De-Risk Migrations

Device42 sets the standard as the most comprehensive, agentless discovery and dependency mapping solution, spanning from legacy mainframes to cloud containers. By visualizing asset dependencies and relationships, Device42 equips you with the insights to make informed decisions, ensuring operational excellence at every phase of your initiative for successful, timely outcomes.

Compute Modernization

“How could I have lived without Device42 for so long with all their data and insights?!”

—Chris Kopec, Director of IT at MergeIT

Trusted by Leading Organizations Across 60+ Countries

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