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Performance, Security & Incident Response


Your infrastructure has a lot of servers that need managing, and every single server could be running hundreds of pieces of software, each of which needs to be managed, and might have security vulnerabilities. When you hear about a vulnerability, how do you identify servers running affected software versions in your infrastructure, and remediate in a timely manner?

When you aren’t actively remediating issues, how can you be sure all of your servers are in compliance with your password security policy, have had their passwords or SSH RSA/DSA keys rotated, or are coming up due or are overdue for rotation?


Device42 brings sanity to the overall security and compliance process. Because Device42 does Asset Management, License Management, and Password Management, the system contains all the information you need to quickly identify affected software, the servers running that software, and the access credentials you’ll need. All that’s left to do is execute the remediation.

When it comes to passwords and SSH keys, Device42’s password and audit history trails ensure every password related action is recorded. Reporting capabilities ensure compliance with customizable reports showing exactly which passwords have been changed and when and which passwords are due to be changed.


Alerts can be configured to tell you when prohibited software is detected

Shows you software by device, so that you can patch device-by-device

Powerful, schedulable reporting ensures password compliance

All password related actions are logged (add, change, delete, even view!)

A searchable audit trail ensures passwords haven’t been compromised

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