IT Agility

IT Agility


IT Agility: Responsiveness to Service Issues & Change Requests

Speed of processing of ITSM tickets is one measure of IT agility. Customers report that as much as 75% of the time required to process tickets involves time-consuming research.

Device42 gives you instant access to questions such as:

  • What users will be impacted if I have to take down a network/server/storage component?
  • What is my warranty on a piece of equipment? Who do I call for service?
  • What is the remote IP address? What are the authentication credentials?
  • What IP / subnet should I assign to minimize fragmentation?
  • What is the password to the device on the ticket?


When you open a ticket in your ITSM system, Device42 is right there to give you all the information you need. Pop up an application dependency diagram to view what users and applications are dependent on a piece of equipment. Don’t try to locate warranty contracts in a dusty cabinet. All the warranty information is right there in your ticket along with who to call, the device serial number, and anything else you need. Tired of playing “who knows the password”? You don’t have to do that any more with Device42. When planning IP allocations, view network diagrams and fragmentation charts or just click the “What’s the next available IP button”.

Device42 also integrates with many popular ITSM solutions:

  • JIRA & Confluence
  • ServiceNow
  • ZenDesk
  • BMC Remedy

Device42 also tracks all cabling, including both electrical and network. Network SNMP discovery inventories switches, routers, and firewalls, and can even work out IP to MAC relationships to map MACs to ports. Tracking devices in transit is no problem, as Device42 tracks physical equipment transfers between locations, too. No need to log onto every server to check the config - Device42 can show you your configurations for popular applications.

Check out our integrations page, and download a free 30-day trial today!