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Mergers and Acquisitions

Eliminate M&A Challenges with Automated, Accurate Discovery

Get end-to-end visibility and detail across the complex, hybrid enterprise for the best decision support for IT.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are realities in every industry. While they can rapidly build strong organizations with key strategic advantages, they also create big challenges for IT teams. It’s no longer an option to simply put off consolidation and right-sizing isolated silos after a merger or acquisition.

Leaders who manage infrastructure, operations and applications must get full visibility into the enterprise before issues that affect customer experience, compliance, documentation and data security can develop.

But with significant internal changes, there are often many unanswered questions.

  • Where are the existing physical, virtual, and cloud devices that now must be brought together?
  • What kind of routing and connectivity exists between the facilities before, during, and after the acquisition?
  • What storage components are currently in use and how are they connected?
  • What applications run across the enterprise? What dependencies exist between these applications that deliver business services?
  • Are duplicate applications and licenses in use?
  • Where are all the credentials (passwords, SSH Keys, etc.)?
  • Are all configurations and config files known and correct in the newly combined enterprise?

So where are the answers?

Unfortunately, many organizations rely on sheer manual effort — using time, effort and spreadsheets — to get partial visibility into the complex and changed IT estate. This makes consolidation a long, painful, and costly process.


  • Agentless Infrastructure & application discovery
  • Automatic Application Dependency Mapping
  • Resource Utilization
  • Cloud Recommendation Engine
  • Integration with migration resources
  • Open data model and API


  • Reduced manual effort
  • Reduced risk of application failure post move
  • Accurate and appropriate infrastructure sizing
  • Accurate, predictable cloud cost estimates, reduced time to move to cloud
  • Reduced manual configuration effort
  • Pull data into any transformation or business intelligence tools

Automate Discovery to Elevate Your Team

Device42 gives you the comprehensive infrastructure, operations and applications mapping that you need without that process. Its auto-discovery technology delivers an accurate source of truth for complex IT infrastructure and operations, including applications and storage, without the need for hours of manual detective work. Even if you and your teams have limited or only partial understanding of the combined enterprise, Device42 takes the guesswork away.

Application Dependency Mapping
Application Dependency Mapping

Device42 identifies all the services that are supported by each of your applications. This includes a broad range of infrastructure data including details on physical, virtual, cloud and containerbased resources. Once it provides all these details, Device42’s extensive integrations allow you to take the data and analyze, report and distribute to your teams–quickly and without so much painstaking effort. It eliminates M&A challenges for IT leaders with timely and strategic insights and transforms them from daily troubleshooters to strategic collaborators with the business.

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