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Capacity Planning


Locating un- and under-utilized servers is a breeze, and forget the stress of managing outdated IPAM spreadsheets, for good!

When it’s time to boost server capacity and figure out where to place one new server or a hundred, Device42 is right there with the ITIL capacity planning tools you need. Device42 means capacity management made easy with its powerful cloud recommendation engine, resource utilization, and advanced “What-if” scenarios that can find you the space, power, and info you need to right-size your deployment no matter whether physical, virtual, or cloud!

Challenge: Answering the Important Capacity Planning Questions:

    • Is a /24 subnet ideal to assign to an internal department to minimize fragmentation, and if so, which /24?
    • Where do I have rack space and power to put new equipment?
    • What size cloud instance should I select for this workload?
    • Where do I have space and power for 200 more machines?
    • Are there power spikes in my colo cage that put us over our power limit?
    • How much CPU, memory, disk, and network are my workloads currently using?
    • Do I have in service IP addresses that aren’t being used?
    • Do I have any zombie servers?


    When it’s time to figure out where to place one new server or a hundred, Device42 is right there with advanced “What-if” scenarios that can find you the space and power resources you need, and can even tell you if you’ll come up short and by how much! Locating un- and under-utilized servers is a breeze, and forget hunting for that outdated IPAM spreadsheet when trying to figure out what IPs are in use. Device42’s robust filtering and search makes IP address management easy and fast.

    Maybe cloud instances are the answer to your workloads needs. To find out, you need accurate CPU, memory, disk, and network utilization information – which includes utilization data for all interdependencies that will move with the workload. The cloud recommendation engine helps you with cloud capacity planning, suggesting cloud instance sizes and their prices (on AWS or Azure) so you can right-size your cloud deployments, and plan the move! That’s right — all interdependencies that are associated with a given workload are automatically identified!

    Many cloud management tools focus only on CPU utilization. Device42 combines a complete resource utilization picture with application dependency and service-to-service mappings for a more complete picture:

    Utilization, by itself, can’t tell the whole story. Why?


    • You generally size capacity for peak times while normal utilization is low
    • You might have an application with constant high utilization that has no users
    • You might have a valid app that is business critical, but has low resource utilization

    Only by combining Device42’s automated service to server or service to service mapping with Device42’s utilization and trends metrics can you find out exactly which servers have the applications that are truly being utilized on your network, while at the same time easily identifying those that are just eating resources. Combine this information with Device42’s user-configurable resource safety buffer, and now you have a complete solution!


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