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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about your Device42 trial or billing? Don't Panic! We want to help! Check the frequently asked questions below to get more information about topics such as licensing, billing, and more! If you still have questions, email and we will get you the information you need! You can also check out to get a deeper view into the Device42 application.


How can I request a quote?

Link to a form asking for number of devices/functionality needed, submit to

What happens if I go over my license count?

Functionality will not stop however Device42 will stop pulling in additional information. You can expand your license count at any time.

How do I add more devices to my license?

You can add more devices to your license at any point. Your account manager can take care of this.

How do I add more functionality to my license?

You can add additional modules to your license at any time. Your account manager would be happy to assist.

How many users can use Device42?

Device42 allows for unlimited users

What integrations are available?

We have integrations with most ITSM and some devops tools. To get a full list visit:

Do you offer professional services?

While Device42 does not directly offer professional services, we have a vast partner network available to assist with these requests. If you are looking for a partner to provide this, please visit our partner page. Device42 will directly provide remote support around installation and configuration.

Are integrations free?

The availability of all existing integrations and REST APIs are included with the purchase of any core license.

What is considered a Device?

A device is anything with an IP address. Non-IP based assets with not count against your licensing.

How is Device42 licensed?

Device42 is licensed based on modules of interest & number of devices. Core is the foundational element of Device42. Add-ons include Software License Management with the option to enable Software Vulnerability, Power & Environmental Monitoring with the option to enable Power Control, and Application Discovery & Dependency Mapping with the option to enable Resource Utilization and/or Netflow. Core, Software, and Power are licensed based on the total number of devices in your estate. Application Discovery & Dependency Mapping is licensed only on the number of application hosts.

What is included with Core?

Core includes discovery of physical, virtual, and cloud components, IT inventory & asset management, all out-of-thebox integrations, RESTful APIs & Webhooks, warranty & SSL certificate management, cable management, password management, IP address management

What is included with Software License Management?

Software License Management allows you to discover installed software across your Windows & Linux machines, including both server and end-user desktops. You can manage software licenses & counts, identify purchased vs. installed software, detect prohibited software, track license agreements/expiration dates, and provide customizable notification alerts.

What is included with Software Vulnerability with VulnDB?

Software Vulnerabilities requires the Software License Management module to be enabled. It is powered by Risk Based Security's VulnDB vulnerability database. With this you can gather detailed software vulnerability information without leaving Device42 and quickly locate vulnerabilities, see impact details, and prioritize remediation based on built-in CvSS score across your infrastructure

What is included with Power & Environmental Monitoring?

Power & Environmental Monitoring will report on temperature and humidity data from sensors attached or from intelligent PDUs. You can monitor power utilization from support intelligent PDUs, track & report power and environment data, establish notification threshold reporting, and estimate power capacities for device placement & installation

What is included with Application Dependency Mapping?

Application Dependency Mapping includes Services Discovery and allows you to discover applications along with their interrelationships & dependencies from your physical & virtual server estate. It will identify and group the services that make up known applications then map the connectivity and dependencies between servers, services, and applications.

What is included with the subscription purchase?

Subscription purchase includes all updates and access to our remote support team

Do you have a partner/reseller we can work with?

Yes, we are happy to set you up with one of our patners. (link to request to find a partner form)


What are the payment terms?

Standard payment terms are Net30

What are payment options?

ACH transfer, check, credit card. Payment instructions are included on invoice.

How do I pay by credit card?

We use Stripe for online card processing

What credit cards do you accept?

We accepts credit payments through Visa, Mastercard®, American Express®, Discover® and other major card types

How can I receive a hard copy of my invoice?

Please request a hard copy of invoice to be mailed to you at the time of your renewal. Invoice will be sent via email.

How do I renew my subscription?

Please contact for a renewal quote. Once we have a purchase order or a signed copy of the renewal quote we will process the renewal and send an invoice and provisional license.

I purchased an annual license, why is it only valid for 30 days?

A 30 day provisional license is sent immediately following order placement. The subscription license is sent once the bill has been paid in full.


What are the evaluation limitations?

The evaluation is limited to 30 days and 100 devices.

What functionality is included in the trial?

The demo license includes Core, Software License Management, Power & Environmental Monitoring, Services Discovery, and Application Dependency Mapping.

How can I test specific functionality?

To generate a demo license that includes only the functionality that you would be interested in purchasing simply reach out to

Is the trial production ready?

The self-host version is production ready. The cloud trial is not production ready and you will need to migrate to the on-premise version after the evaluation as ended.

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